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Uploaded: Mar 29, 2018

Movie : The Martial Mates aka Black Dragon River

Fast Video The Martial Mates

Director: Kim Seon-Gyeong
Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Casanova Wong (Ka Sa Fa), Chiu Chun, Jang Jeong-Kuk, Lee Ki-Young

Keo-Am wants to learn martial arts from Park Sang-bong but doesn get the permission as he is a lover of Parks daughter but is ousted from there. He learns martial arts from Japanese and helps Japan to invade Korea. Sang-Bong suffers from this news. Keo-Am is a son of Parks friend and Park wants him to be a farmer and thats why Park didn teach the martial arts to him. Parks daughter, Ok-Nyeo and Il-Jae, Parks disciple, tell the truth to Keo-Am, who accepts the fact that he is Korean. Keo-Am lures and kills Japanese, but is wounded in his hands. After all, on the way to return, Keo-Am dies due to accidental fights.

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