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Movie : Fury In Shaolin Temple - Full Movie

Fast Video Fury In Shaolin Temple

Director: Choe Hyeon-Min
Cast: Gordon Liu, Chang YI Tao, Philip Ko, Kim Ki Ju

Pak Si-baek, master of the Taekwondo martial arts, and Wang Pa-san, master of the Jeong-mu Taekwondo martial arts, decide to take each others child and teach them their martial arts styles. But when Si-baek arrives at the Shaolin Buddhist Temple, the Buddhist priest Gong-young of the school of Jeong-Mu has already been kicked out. Si-baek is accused of playing a part in stealing the Shaolin secret manuscripts and imprisoned according to Jeong-mu law. The school of Jeong-mu flourishes. When a dispute arises regarding the elder Tae-san and his successor, Ji-mok, Pa-san dies and Chang-ryong, Si-baeks son, is on the run after being falsely accused. Wang Ryong, Pa-sans son, catches the eye of Buddhist priest Ji-yun and focuses on his martial arts training. To protect five generations of Shaolin history, the elder Tae-san of the school of Jeong-mu plots to incite a fight between Chang-ryong and Ryong by killing their fathers. However, the two sons know of this and slay them in their rage.

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