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Movie : Shaolin Devil Shaolin Angel - Full Movie

Fast Video Shaolin Devil Shaolin

Director: Cheung Tung Jo
Cast: Wong Tao, Chen Sing, Tung Wei, Hwa Ling, Tsai Hung.

An assassin terrorizes the countryside, killing many fighters from distinct clans and leaving only one clue - a mask. A secret government agent (Don Wong Tao) posing as an assassin, is on assignment to bring the assassin to justice. Aiding him is a young Shaolin fighter (Tung Wei) and a beautiful kung fu girl, who is trained by a shaolin monk a special style to defeat the assassins lethal form of kung fu. Together they un-mask the assassin and tackle the mastermind of the killings, Wan Yi Fei (Chen Sing) and his brother Wong Tu Lung.

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