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Mp4 Video : Tyga - 1 Of 1 [ Official ]

Fast Video Tyga - 1 Of 1 [ Official

Kingston, Jamaica, the real gutter,” he says in the clip’s intro. “Much like the ghetto back home, just more undeveloped. What some see as less fortunate, I see as beauty, love, and God.”

Despite that, he claims he didn’t believe that he would “find a reason to stay” in the gorgeous tropical land. “That’s when I met Amina,” he adds. “Bad ting.” Amina happens to be Amina Blue, the famed model who’s
appeared in Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion shows. She’s the “1 of 1” T-Raww sings and raps about and his love interest in the video. Her fictional father, a governor, isn’t too pleased with their romance and in one of the big scenes, he lets Tyga know how angry he is.

Earlier this month, King Gold Chains talked about the song and its inspiration. “‘1 of 1’ was a record that was inspired by my female audience,” he said . “I really wanted to try something different.”

The video is “to be continued” so there could very well be a sequel to follow. For now, check out “1 of 1” below and look out for Tyga’s mixtape B!tch I’m the Shit 2 .

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