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The Diverse Power of Love

Jan 3rd, 2011

You know how it is, a family discussion leads to debate over who was best known for a particular song, followed by a brief poll over twitter and facebook, which only serves to split the debate further.

The subject of this particular debate “The Power of Love.”

Now, I can’t remember what actually triggered this discussion, but as a Child of the 80’s I immediately plumped for Huey Lewis and the News, which formed the sound track to the 1985 film, Back to the Future. Meanwhile, after a quick and misleading Spotify search my Mum went for the great Jimmy Hendrix, whereas Dad was running for Celien Dion. My slightly illphrased questioning on twitter and facebook turned up Jesus, more Huey Lewis, someone’s auntie and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

But clearly one of these had to be the original, didn’t they. Well, no. It appears that we were all looking at different songs:

Power of Love 1

Well, going with my choice first we have the Huey Lewis and the News version. The most popular option in my informal poll, this formed the soundtrack of 1985 time travel comedy Back to the Future. It also sits at the top of the ambiguity page on wikipedia, and is the first suggestion in Spotify and Youtube.

Spotify Link

But, naturally, this has been covered, including a slightly disapointing 8-bit inspired mix which infused the back to the future theme by I Fight Dragons (Spotify).

Power of Love 2

I was actualy familiar with this song, even though the Huey Lewis and the News version would come to mind first. Originally done by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Spotify would suggest that this is one of the most covered songs with this name. Dated from 1984, this predates the Huey Lewis and the News song.

Then a few of the covers.
Free4 (DALA), Dune, Omph! (Quite different), Anneke Van Giersbergen, LOndon Symphony Orchestra

The Power of Love 3

Clearly the mid 1980s were all about the Power of Love, as 1984 also saw the release of the Jennifer Rush song of the Same name. Subsequently covered by Celine Dion, who picked up my Dads vote.

Jennifer Rush (Spotify)
Celine Dion
Gregorian Chants

The Power of Love 3+x

Of course, this being the second decade of the 21st century, we are no longer limited by who manages to find a record label. These enterprising folk clearly decided that they’d release a song under a title that people were doubtlessly fed up of even during 1985. Still, if they had called it something else I wouldn’t be linking it here, so a win on one level I suppose.
DJ Stephanie, Lunatica

Pre-dating all of these we have the Everly Brothers with [You Got] The Power of Love, 1966. Makes you wonder why they they bothered with the brackets. If you want to be strict though, first example of a Power of Love without the brackets appears to be Joe Simon, 1972, shortly followed by Gary Wright, from 1975.


More songs called ‘Power of Love’ than you can shake a stick at. Seems that my mum was completely off with her suggestion of Hendrix, but I blame the erroneous prompting of Spotify on my Android for that. Seems she was actually thinking of Power to Love.

Very A-typical blog post, and I guess plenty of folk will have known all this already, but bah, I can bore you all with science, politics or gaming again at some other point.