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My Thesis: Wordled

Dec 17th, 2010

When I turned my 2010 facebook status updates into a word cloud, I was unsurprised to see the word thesis looming large at the centre. It has certainly been one of the defining elements of the year for me, and facebook was a good outlet. By contrast, my twitter feed was probably more dominated by the election, and the associated politics; I can’t know for sure, as ‘2010 in statuses’ didn’t seem to look back beyond the past few days.

On seeing my facebook status cloud, a friend, who has had a similarly thesis dominated year, suggested turning my thesis into a word cloud. So I did.

Thesis Wordle

A word cloud of my thesis

I was amused by the huge ‘et al’ in the centre, a suggestion that perhaps I has spent more time talking about other people’s work than my own. The rest of the cloud is quite pleasing, an abstract in single word chunks. The dominance of the slightly generic ‘protein’ and ‘proteins’ is perhaps unsurprising, yet I am surprised at how comparatively small ‘gene’ and ‘genes’ are. It is a weighting which is entirely consistent with the focus of the thesis, but still feels at odds with my background in genetics.

I am a corporate Wh*re

Jul 12th, 2008

Oh dear, and to be frank this post isn’t going to make things any better. I was playing arround on the website Wordle, which generates a tag cloud from any text. I ran my blog through the program, and company names seem to dominate somewhat. I’m not quite sure how MOO became so prominent, I’m sure I’ve only blogged about them once. A few sciency words get a look in, but not many. I’m also amazed at how few words there are related to computers or gaming. I’m now off to run a few more things through the generator.

Edit: Ahh, much better. I ran my blog through a second time, and I find this word list slightly less worrying. (Card is so large thanks to the ‘what have I got in my wallet post)