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Sony? Portable Reader SystemPRS-500

Feb 5th, 2006

To put it simply I want one of these. I’ve wanted an eBook reader for a while, as I get terrible guilt trips every time I print off the twenty odd pages associated with a PDF file. (Research papers are distributed in PDF format.) Unfortunately, Sony’s prior effort, the Libre, was so wrapped up in DRM that it would only support their native format, which even then had such stupid restrictions on its use as to make it near useless. (Yay! Time expiring books!)
Cost wise though things could get a bit expensive, especially as Sony removed their initial price of $350 (?230) from their website, meaning that an even higher price seems likely.
Meanwhile I’ll be keeping my eye out. The Libre was linux based, raising the possibility of user based hacks freeing up the restrictions and allowing me to find a cheap copy on eBay.

Tim Berners-Lee Has a Blog

Dec 18th, 2005

To those of you who know not of Sir Tim Berners-Lee then I can truthfully say that without him you wouldn’t be reading this at the moment, this blog wouldn’t be here, Amazon wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t have just sold that old teapot on eBay and Sony BGM would not have angered the geek community over the past month.

You see, Tim invented the web, without which the net would unlikely have become quite what it is today. It was only with the appearance of the web that everyday users sat up and paid notice. Indeed for many people the web and the net are almost synonymous. This is why I insist that the web was important even in the formation of P2P networks, or rather their importance. While true that things like E-mail, instant messaging and ftp would have existed independently of the web’s invention, I doubt their uptake would have been quite so rapid.


The truth is out!

Dec 9th, 2004

Article now removed.

ZURICH, SWITZERLANDóNearly 700 scientists representing 27 countries convened at the University of Zurich Monday to formally announce that their experimentation on mice has been motivated not by a desire to advance human knowledge, but out of sheer distaste for the furry little rodents.

Why do I have the feeling that at some time this article will come back to bite me?

Who on earth are you?

Oct 15th, 2004

Oh dear. I have been rather bad at updating haven’t I; and it looked so good. Still the weekend is coming up, perhaps I’ll be able to fill people in then. Perhaps.

Anyway, recommended link here,

The site has only just started but I’m not aware of any analogous websites and this one looks promising. I had contemplated similar ideas myself but had neither the technical know-how not the time to get it done. Basically the site aims to find out exactly who that odd person is standing in the background of your photos; the one who has their arm around you, or who is pulling a silly face. At the moment there is a total of only 10 photos on there, and the site needs more before it can become truly effective. Thus I am acting as a WOM advertiser to try and get people there. Just as Friendsreunited would be rather useless with only ten people subscribed this needs the traffic to make it worth while. Besides, if you sign up now none of the cool user-names are taken.

A recomendation…

Sep 21st, 2004

I currently have quite a long break in my work, so thought I’d take the time to make a recomendation, should any of you be feeling a bit bored.

Snopes is the Urban Legends reference site, and also contains the message boards, of which I am a member.

Have you ever heard the story about the exploding cactus, what about the dubious names for characters in Captain Pugwash, or the origins of the modern image of Father Christmas? Unlike many urban legend collections, which just aim to spread these rumours, Snopes produces careful research that either helps to debunk them, or to support them. Furthumore, each article is backed up with a bibliography, furthur information and a discussion on both the orignins and variation of the legend. In other words, it’s pretty thorough.

Of course the site is also bound to cause surprise, for I’m sure you’ll discover that you yourself have passesed along at least one mistruth. Not only this, but in some cases truth many be stranger than fiction, and some stories you may have rejected may have been based in fact. As an offshoot, you may find yourself regulary debunking the stories that pass your way, much to the annoyance of those trying to tell you that KFC isn’t actually chicken.

Yet it is in the message boards that the fun really begins; for here is the frontline in UL warfare. The latest legends will eventually find themselves here, where piece by piece they will be disected by forum members. The number of experts in one thing or another ensures that many accounts include first hand information, and that anything not facing the truth test will sone come to die. Meanwhile, the rest of the forums consist of surprisingly civilised discussions, general chit-chat, advice and discussion on the best from across the web. It is not unusual for me to catch something on Snopes before it spreads across the internet.