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Moral Foundations

Sep 26th, 2007

From the Moral Foundations test:

Harm: 3.5
Fairness: 4.1
Loyalty: 1.1
Authority: 0.6
Purity: 0.3

Its a bit odd as my ideals are completely at odds with my personality. The figures here would suggest that I was a hedonistic and rebellious person, when I am nothing of the sort. (As anyone who knows me well would attest, although I’m fully expecting a mention of Glory Holes from one of the Edinburgh folks on facebook.) But it does still make sense. I find public decency laws a bit silly, but is they were removed tomorrow I wouldn’t immediately take to running around in the nude. Similarly, when my morality is loosely aligned with what authority usually dictates, there is little need to rebel. (Plus there is the whole issue of overcoming fears, which is another matter entirely. Should I ever end up opposing authority it may be very well be while gibbering as a jellied mass in one corner.)


Jul 19th, 2007

I’ve always been attracted by MOO, the flickr buisness card company, but have never had the need for buisness cards. While they are designed for personal use, I would feel slightly self concious handing out a mini-card, even if they are as sexy as the ones MOO make. I’m sure I could find some other use for them, but really it would just be me making an excuse for buying them, consumer whore that I am.

For those of you not in the know, MOO produce personalised buisness cards or notecards based on your flickr photos, although there is also the opportunity to upload your own images if you don’t have a flickr account. You can also use a few other accounts as a basis, including the possibility of images base on your second life avatar.

But recently MOO have launched stickers something which is a lot more fun, and more versitile. A little photo in the corner of the letter, or on a birthday card would be ideal. So now I have a little sticker booklet winging its way to me (postage is free during July).

Germany to crack down on violent video games

Dec 12th, 2006 / World / Europe – Germany to crack down on violent video games

Virtual hit men in Europe’s largest video games market could soon find themselves behind real bars if German regional politicians have their way.

Under new legislation drawn up in reaction to a shooting at a school last month, developers, retailers and players of videos featuring ‘cruel violence’; could face up to a year in jail.

Germany already has fairly strict censorship laws when it comes to computer games and other entertainment media. For example Nazi regalia has to be removed from games, even in cases where the Nazis are the enemies. Furthermore, many games replace enemies with robots or zombies to avoid otherwise harsh classifications.

However this particular move is an order of magnitude more severe, and is little more than an over-reaction. This degree of censorship should be unacceptable in a European country, and hopefully the bill will be seen as such and rejected. It is interesting to note that the ban doesn’t try and cover film, television or books, presumably because it is not possible to scapegoat such media.

It is interesting to note that Germany is not the first EU country to consider the banning of computer games, or a sub-section thereof. In 2002 the Greek government banned all electronic games in a move to attempt to crack down on illegal gambling. Complaints, and intervention from the EU resulted in the clarification of the law, and its eventual suspension.

Note: I should point out that all online sources appear to point back to this FT article. I’m trying to pull up the text of the bill, although given I don’t speak German I’m not sure how easy that will be.

Edited to add: Whoops. Had comments turned off. Not that it matters. Only get spam anyway.

Why I love wikipedia

Nov 17th, 2006

This paragrahps, taken from the wikipedia entry on ‘evil genius’ sums up why I love the site:

The evil genius is different from the mad scientist, in that the mad scientist tends to be amoral, rather than evil. An Evil Genius is generally a clever schemer, while the Mad Scientist typically pursues scientific knowledge with no regard for the consequences. A mad scientist might create an army of zombies, just to see if it is possible, but an evil genius would have a diabolical use for this army, and a plan to escape the town without being killed.

Now try and find that explanation in any other encyclopedia.

Win a Flat

Jun 5th, 2006

Win a Flat
I’m currently having to think about where I’ll be living next year as my lease runs out soon and the plan is to move off elsewhere. So earlier this evening I was searching around and getting a feel for what was availible. A few sites seem ideal and I shall probably be putting messages looking for flats/housemates.
However I was looking over Friday’s b3ta newsletter and found this site. (See above) Interested I clicked, expecting some place in London, only to find that the flat in question is in Edinburgh. Well the co-incidence was too good to pass up, and the idea was neat, so I’ve entered. Although I don’t place much hope on me winning its certainly a fun idea and I’d hate to see the flat won in a competition with only a few entrants.
It would be a great step onto the property ladder and one of the sympotoms of renting a proper flat appears to be wanting your own. No naff wall paper, ability to wack nails in the wall etc. Of course as a disadvantage it would mean I’d be liable for maintanence, but as I’d have no mortgage then this would be lower than any rent I’d normaly pay.