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Travels with technology

Feb 19th, 2009

Phone, iRiver, DS, Wind; the number of pieces of technology I travel with is a bit silly, or would be if I didn’t forget to pack things. Yesterday I synched my iRiver, downloaded a couple of podcasts, and got it charged up. I then left it on my desk. Even more annoying I also left my headphones, meaning I can’t even use my laptop to listen to music or play any games which require sound; not unless I want to be murdered by my fellow passengers anyway.
I also have the annoyance that Virgin don’t seem to have wised up to the fact that it is 2008, and so my search for wireless networks yields nothing. I’ll be on this particular train for four hours, so would have been willing to pay a small amount as well. Instead I’ve resorted to composing blog entries in word, and tweeting via text. This should probably worry me, as it does somewhat speak of an internet addiction.
Of course, the time could have been useful. I’m writing a short story at the moment for instance. But it exists on my desktop, and stupid me forgot to sync it across. There is also the ‘On art and games’ entry I’m writing, which again exists on my server. This is one of those times where cloud computing would be fantastic, except I can’t access the cloud.
So how am I posting this? Well the answer it, I cheated. When this actually goes up on my blog I’ll be safely home (or will have died horrifically in a train crash, the following entry being published posthumously). I’ll fiddle the time stamps though, because after all, no one reads the bloody thing anyway, so it’s not like it really matters.