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RIP Fopp

Jun 29th, 2007

Fopp was probably my favourite high-street store, and I was saddened to here that the company has gone into administration. I was first introduced to the company in Cambridge, where I walked past the store pretty much every day, both on my way into lectures, whilst heading to Sainsbury’s or into town in general. On the day of my interview I was relieved to find a Fopp in Edinburgh.

Over what is now almost five years Fopp has been responsible for the vast majority of my music purchases, as well as several books and DVDs. Their selection may have been smaller than some stores, but it conformed to my tastes and avoid limiting itself to just the top 40. They had great bargains, and an nice atmosphere, it felt like an independent store, rather than a chain.

Yet while HMV is currently struggling by with low sales, Fopp couldn’t sustain itself and dies. On the plus side of course it probably means I’ll end up spending less, as I’m sure I lost more money to impulse buys in Fopp than I saves thanks to their prices.