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Christmas Crashes

Dec 25th, 2007

Last night I was due to meet some friends in the Smoking Dog in Malmesbury. Unfortunately my usual lifts were unavailable, but I managed to blag a lift from my Dad. (I can’t drive, so couldn’t have driven myself) However about 1/4 pint in to the evening I received a phone call from my brother do inform me that my Dad had managed to crash the car on the way home. Fortunately he was okay, the car however is less so, although we are still waiting on the report from the insurance company. My Mum headed out to meet my Dad, where he had been met by a passing police car and was being breathalysed (Completely sober) and then she headed on to pick me up, before driving back past the crash car and returning home. The Car was stuck in a ditch, facing the opposite direction, and had been dented enough at the rear to prevent the boot opening.

Bit of an unexpected start to the Christmas period.

Wii wish you a merry christmas

Dec 24th, 2006

Not long now and I will finally be able to use the thing, I’m actually excited. Its a bit strange actually, at 22 I thought my majorly exciting christmases (Or christma, but that lacks the necessary magic and ‘white christmas’ suggests that christmases is correct) had ended, at least until I had children myself (Something that I’m still not sure about), but the Wii somehow manages to rescue all that. With my brothers getting a 360 they are similarly excited, and I think there will be a fair ammount of competition over the television in the front room. I’m hoping that Wii sports will at least give me a chance, and ultimately I’m hoping to get the whole family involved. I’ve already mentioned the golf to my Nana.

But in the meantime you may have noticed the punning title of this piece, which quite frankly is the only reason I’m even writing this. Sadly however it is not at all original, but has prompted a top run down of Wii inspired puns. So, without further ado lets hand over to the wonderful google.

Wii three kings 128
Wii don’t need no education 377
Wii wish you a merry christmas 722
Wii are the champions 30,100
Wii will rock you 173,000

Pop Culture:
wii are the knights who say ni 0
Wii salute you 129

wiily bad 17
wiily good 217
wiidom 236
wiiaction 537 Bouyed by a C++ input library
wiifund 1,480
swiit 19,100
wiitard 19,500 See wiitarded
wiiner 53,800
wiitarded 90,500 I’m disapointed that this one is so high, but I can’t say I’m surprised. The internet is not best know for its sensitivity.
wiitar 298,00
wiimote 6,830,000 Well this one is practically official

This list is obviously far from complete, partly because its nearly half past one on Christmas eve and I can’t spend forever thinking up puns that may or may not have been made. I will however add to this and I welcome subissions, which will be credited to the first submitter (On the off chance that someone actually reads this and cares).

Previously: Welcome Back

Dec 12th, 2005

I got hacked, a couple of times actually. The first guy modified this page, the second took control a bit more noticeably. I’ve decided to leave this message here, rather than tracking down the original, as a lesson to myself.

Just hope I’ve patched the vulnerability.

Edit: Oh sod it. I decided to track down the original, and have quoted it below. I even corrected a few of the spelling errors.

After a long period of downtime my blog is finally back online, this time running under different software. Unfortunately the old blog died when my webhost went bankrupt, but through the wonders of Google I have again be able to save the content. I’ll probably just chuck the best of it in a static archive page.

For those of you who don’t know a lot has happened since the last time I posted here the main of which is my graduation and subsequent removal to Edinburgh. Here I’m studying in my Masters year of a four year combined PhD/Masters. I have just recently finished my first mini-project, a ten week lab research project in which not only did I get some decent and novel results but I also wasted several thousand pounds in simple mistakes. The biologists among you will find my addition of DNase to a transcription reaction amusing, the rest of you will be lost.

On Friday we had the unit Christmas party, complete with ceilidh, which proved very exhausting. Naturally, for someone tho has only been to one ceilidh before, I was at a complete loss for half the dances, but thankfully I was not alone in this. We all get another crack at it on Burns Night, so expect lots of grumblings about sore limbs around then. This event also signaled the beginning of the Christmas season in terms of events going on and somehow I seem to have been tied in to about four Christmas dinners, two of which have already happened. I also fear further dinners when I get hope, completely destroying my somewhat naive plans to have my overdraft cleared by January. Still, once Christmas is out the way I should get it paid off fairly quickly. I don’t like being in the red, even when it is interest free. Still, as a general trend income is greater than expenditure at the moment so things shouldn’t be be getting any worse.

My new lab project is working with yeast again, although this time is is S.Pombe, S.cervevisiae’s less famous brother. At the moment things are a bit slow as I’m having to get everything up and ready for the experiment proper, which will probably begin after Christmas. The aim is to over-express a particular gene, making the cells sick in the process. Following this I will over express lots of other genes and look for rescue, that is a gene that can make the sick cells healthy again. In doing so I should hopefully discover what the first gene does, as well as possibly identifying some new genes which have previously been uncharacterized. If it works it should be all very exciting and may mean that I get a chance to name a few genes.