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Blocked IP

Jun 17th, 2007

Due to excessive comment spam from a particular IP address ( I have since blocked this IP from accessing my servers and have also contacted their host. Fortunately this appears to be a server, rather than a zombie system, so I don’t think I’ve blocked any genuine users.

Possible Downtime

Feb 8th, 2007

My webhost is moving the servers. Hopefully it shan’t cause any problems. But if I disapear you’ll know why.

This is a test

Aug 6th, 2006

Opera software have released Opera mini, which allows web access on my brick of a 3510i. Am testing my blog.

Edited to add: Well it worked, but its a little clumsy. I can’t imagine I’ll be writing long posts on a phone keypad.

New Servers

Jun 20th, 2006

Well my year is up on my old servers so I’ve shifted to a new host. Hopefully it shouldn’t have too great an impact but it may mean that things are a little bumpy for a few days. I have also taken to import the old Blogger posts, and will get arround to the others eventually.

Site troubles

Apr 9th, 2006

I appear to be having slight troubles with downloading of exe files. I am currently looking into this problem and it shall be addressed shortly.

ETA: I have contact my host and am waiting to hear from them.

EETA: I managed to find out a work-around my end, so all is now working. It seems that the webserver was trying to run the exes rather than deliver them.