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This page addresses some questions you may have regarding the blog.

Why do I need to register to comment?

I don’t like it either, it discourages people from posting comments. However just like your E-mail account blogs are prone to spammers. These use automatic programs known as robots to trawl blogs and add comments advertising their website. Not only do these get in the way of genuine comments but they fill up my database, put increased load on the servers and take time to delete. By registering the blog can confirm that you have a valid E-mail address, something unusual for spammers.

As this blog is new the requirement for registration will be reviewed periodically, however the experience of other bloggers has suggested that this is an effective method of reducing blog spam.

Update: I have recently noticed an increase in illegitimate and, most probably, automised registrations. These are usually blindingly obvious, as the e-mail is registered to a suspicious domain ( or the like) however it is possible that I will accidently delete a genuine registrant. If so, I apologise.

Do I need to register?

I am currently experimenting with removing the requirement for registration to post comments on the blog. Instead, posts pass through a couple of anti-spam plugins. New posters will still find their comments held for moderation, but once you have commented sucesfully, future posts should be approved immediately.

Why didn’t my post appear?

The first post you make after registering must be moderated before it appears on the site. Depending on the time of day and what I am up to this may take from anywhere between five minutes and five days, although you can usually expect approval within a few hours. Subsequent comments will not require moderation and will appear on the site instantly.

The purpouse of moderation is to ennsure that all registered users are genuine. You will only have a problem with the moderation step if your comment is irrelevant and instead seems to cheer the benifit of ‘Super Lucky Ca$ino’ or ‘Non-prescription drugs.’ In otherwords as long as you don’t spam my blog you should be fine.

In rare cases I may also not approve comments which I believe are deliberately designed to be inflamatory either against me or other commentators on this site. Unless you are specificaly trolling this eventuality is unlikely and will only be used in extream circumstances.

If you are a registered, have previously commented and yet your comment still doesn’t appear then try refreshing the page, you may need to press shift-f5 in some browsers to fully refresh. Comments containing more than four links will be held back for moderation even if made by posters with previously approved comments.

Was my comment deleted?

Its unlikely. Although spam comments may occasionaly slip through and be removed genuine comments will very rarely be deleted. If your comment interferres with the smooth working of the blog, is extreamly inflamatory, consists of pure nonsense such as random strings of letters or is in otherways intended solely to cause trouble will it be deleted. In most of these circumstances I will contact you privately to inform you of my reasons fro removing the comment.

Comments may also disappear if I am requested to remove them due to legal reasons. However I clain no responsibility for the content of comments on this site; if you believe that the content of some of the comments may be illegal then you should contact me and I will endevour to remove them as soon as I am able.

What are the rules?

I don’t intend to set out a whole list of rules that people subsequently ignore. However generaly be nice. If I have reason to believe that you are posting with the sole intent to be inflamatory (ie. You are trolling) then don’t expect a nice welcome. If this persists then you may find your posting privaliges are terminated. (i.e. You’ll be banned.)

What powers your blog?

The Blog is powered by wordpress, links may be found in the left hand menu bar.

Can I reprint the content of your blog?

The text of this blog is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Scotland License.

What is your cookies policy?

Cookies are used to deliver basic functionality, such as ensuring that you remain logged in, and that media settings (ie. mobile or desktop view) are remembered.

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