Responding to spam comments

Jan 17th, 2010

One of the problems with running a blog is the spam. In addition to the junk I receive through E-mail, I also get plenty of comments spam, from people hoping to get their little spammy plug onto my blog. They don’t succeed. Not only are comments to the blog moderated, but the automatic spam filters catch many of them before they even reach me, but they do still allow me to read them.

Of course, almost every blog in existence has some form of spam prevention, without it they’d soon be overrun. To avoid this they try and not look like spam, either by using generically applicable comments, or else by playing Consequences with key words. This can lead to some peculiar results.

I thought I’d reply to some of this spam. All comments have been cut and pasted, and usernames remain unchanged. Where appropriate URLs have been nullified to prevent the spammer getting any links, or benefit to their Google rank.

Re: On art and games [Part 3]
Matthew C. Kriner
If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.

Thanks Matthew! I’m not sure how you knew I was in the market for a new MP3 player, as I’m pretty sure I never mentioned it in this post. What is interesting however is that you should make you comments on a post which is considering regional differences in gaming market and culture. You may be interested to know that for example, Best Buy doesn’t exist in the United Kingdom, and, for that matter, neither does the Zune. Did it occur to you that perhaps the reason I hadn’t done the bloody obvious thing of physically comparing the Zune and the iPod was because A) The Zune isn’t availible in this country and I am not interested in the support hassles importing would cause b) Because popping down the nearest Best Buy is considerably more hassle when a plane journey was involved. Y’know, for someone with the psychic ability to know I was going to buy a new music player, you should really brush up on your ability to work out that I don’t live in the US and aren’t a total mind-numbing idiot.

Oh, and for future reference, I went for the Sony Walkman X-Series.

Re:Tim Berners-Lee Has a Blog
Plasma TV kopen
This will get some interresting comments haha :P

Well Plasma, you certainly had some interesting parents. Mr and Ms Kopen must have thought themselves highly original with then name Plasma. However, I’m afraid I must disagree with you sentiments. It is not often that a four year old article about a fairly non-controversial topic picks up many interesting comments. For the record, if it does, your certainly wasn’t part of that trend.

Re: This Week’s Tweets
James T.
Considerably, the article is really the greatest on this notable topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your future updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the extraordinary lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Solid work and much success in your business dealings!

It is a page of fucking tweets! I’m not one to knock twitter, but 140 characters can hardly be called ‘extraordinary lucidity!’ What have you been reading prior to now, YouTube comments?

Re:Merry Christmas
Mireille Clinebell

Sorry? You found this page on a dishwasher?

Re:This Week’s Tweets
Wonda Lynds
Do you know if there are any natural remedies for this?

For twitter? Perhaps you are confusing it with thrush? If so, I recommend steering clear of most ‘natural remedies’ and consulting your GP.

Re:This Week’s Tweets
Elda Amstutz
How fast can someone start to see the results from using it?

Twitter? Well assuming it is not overloaded its pretty much instant? Wait… is this Wonda again?

Re:Homophobic Censorship?
New Proxy
Why would you want to wait till you are out of school to unblock mysace? You can do it easily with a myspace proxy. Its pretty handy to have around if you need to do some unmonitored surfing.

Wait. People who are out of school use Myspace?

Re:This Week’s Tweets
Georgeanna Bisges
the blanket was Kos’s nickname for so long

And you told me that because?

Re: Political Compass
Regine Siverson
Great fight! Lovely to see Penn headkick Sanchez’s forehead open

Remind me never to be alone with you Regine.

Re:This Week’s Tweets
Marcos Shinault
Sorry, I really hate to ask this but do you have any advice on stopping spam? My sites have been getting hammered lately and i’m not quite sure how to stop it.

It’s called karma. Stop spamming other blogs and you may stop receiving it.

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