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Nov 4th, 2009
  • Stairwell at work smells of wine after someone dropped a bottle of red. #
  • Bit concerned to see Tories considering a policy I've been suggesting for years. #
  • leaving do for a friend. Have left early, already have hangover, or at least headache. #
  • @slummymummy1 Aww, poor Lembit. Then agan not sure parental instincts should be kicking in with politicians. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Hmm, should I be tweeting when drunk? Furthermore should I be drunk on a Thursday' #
  • Had the list feature for a while, but have only really started exploring it today. Seems quite neat. #
  • Since when was drugs legislation ever based on evidence. Nutt's sacking is just another step in kneejerk policy making. #
  • Whoops. Need to correct last Tweet. The word drugs was added unecessarily. #
  • Awake. Too early for a Saturday. #
  • @KLaCapria Yep, I started one. You should be on it. Jamesg/snopesters in reply to KLaCapria #
  • @Forgotten_Fay I shall get you added shortly. Seems I can't do it from my mobile/cell yet. in reply to Forgotten_Fay #
  • @Gaoandlove I hope Japan is treating you well. in reply to Gaoandlove #
  • @OyeBilly I love halloween overhearings. Today heard, 'Yeah, I think he's a werewolf' and 'She's going to turn into a chicken.' in reply to OyeBilly #
  • dreaded words when traveling. Replacement bus service. #
  • Coach delayed by overturned totaled car. fucking mess of a crash, though everyone appears to be standing. Doctor on coach gone to help. #
  • And we are on our way. I might buckle up. #
  • Ugh, I am annoyingly concious of my tounge. #
  • Overheard: Do you drink strongbow for breakfast, no? Well then you are not an alcoholic. #
  • Need to pop in to work at some point, but might wait until it has stopped pissing it down. #fb #
  • Well rain wasn't going to quit so walked in. Now soaked. Not looking forward to walk back. #

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