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Oct 28th, 2009
  • @thezombiecow There'd be a shock revelation in week six when it's discovered that one of the Brians is infact a Bryan. (I vote May BTW) in reply to thezombiecow #
  • Yay, package arrived safe and sound. #
  • Backing up and ready for reformat. Doing it all manually as don't trust automatic systems to grab everything of importance. #
  • @LadyMcScamp Its interesting that they've done it the opposite way round to usual and thus have minimised disruption. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • @LadyMcScamp I don't think its thoughtfulness so much as realising that they risk screwing themselves otherwise. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Didn't watch #bbcqt for fear of shouting and spitting at my TV. However twitter feed suggests Griffin just getting trounced. #
  • No they're fucking not! The British population has had different groups moving across it for many thousands of years. #
  • Oh fuck. Now all the anti-immigration folk start speaking up. #
  • The Moir article would have still been wrong if Gately was alive. #bbcqt #
  • Heading home early with illness. Hope I can head it off before it downs me for proper. #
  • @andyvglnt If it is anything like their laptops, it should be possible to get a converter dongle. (Which they still charge a fortune for.) in reply to andyvglnt #
  • Teach both evolution and creationism say 54% of Britons. WTF?! I can only hope they don't intend equal consideration. #
  • I can understand it being covered from a historical perspective, to give background to Darwin and subsequent work, but little more than that #
  • Shouldn't have been back to work today. Major hedache started 2ish. Gave up an hour ago, took 'till now to get stuff to a leaveable state. #
  • Gah, can't decide to call in sick or not. Feeling better than the worst of yesterday, but worst than the best. #
  • Would a dynamo powered by a slider be sufficient to provide enough energy to refresh an e-ink screen I wonder. #

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