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Oct 21st, 2009
  • Oooh! Just noticed Twitter have added little descriptions of why a topic is trending. Neat. #
  • Yay! For once the mistake that cocked up my experiments wasn't mine but someone else's. #
  • In an E-mail from my web-host: "I apologize for any incontinence this may cause." Clearly web-hosting issues can cause some serious fear. #
  • @slummymummy1 Google Wave is bit like a fusion of chat, E-mail and a wiki, and allows for multimedia rich, real-time, messages. #
  • Oh dear. All my stuff slipped out of the plastic wallets it was organised in. Now I'm not sure what goes with what. #
  • @Gaoandlove Replace it all with J-pop. in reply to Gaoandlove #
  • Wow, Twitter has been busy today. I feel like I've missed out. #
  • Assumed thumping bass was soundtrack to peep show, was vaguely impressed with TV speakers. No, just the neighbous again. #
  • Oh dear, twitter is doing its time-warp thing again. At least the associated trending topic is vaguely amusing. #
  • Oh, how odd, I've noticed Seesmic is picking them up okay #
  • Got tonnes of spam last night for some reason. #
  • Random thought: Does the rhyme scheme of a limerick sound silly because of their content, or is something more implicit in the rhythm? #
  • @antonvowl Ahh, once again my education lets me down. I only half followed the wikipedia page on spondees. in reply to antonvowl #
  • @LewieP I can still see it all proper like. I'm assuming you've tweeked the DNS records? If so it can take a while to propergate. in reply to LewieP #
  • @RealDMitchell Well your imposter has been suspended, so all should be back to normal soon. in reply to RealDMitchell #
  • Crap. Amazon have dispatched my order by Shitty Link. No Idea how I'll reach their depot in the middle of nowhere. #
  • I'd have prefered to have it sent my Royal Mail, even if it means it'd arrive a bit late due to strikes. At least I'd get it. #
  • @TimRogers Oooh! How did you go about doing that? I've got the same issue and it would make my life a lot easier. in reply to timROGERS #
  • City Link are actually a bit more competent than last time I dealt with them. Arranged to have parcel left outside or with a neighbour. #
  • Just booked tickets to go see @jonathancoulton in Edinburgh in November. #

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