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Oct 14th, 2009
  • @dave_turner I've asked for a touch more off on occasions, but that's usually when its my Dad doing it. in reply to dave_turner #
  • Do any of my followers have Google Wave? I've realised a flaw of wanting to test a service with no one to talk to. #
  • Google Wave seems to be struggling with server load issues at the moment. Hope they scale things up soon. #
  • Two girls behind me pretending to be German. They have the most unconvincing accents ever, and laughable, 'Dis is the British Isles yah?' #
  • @OyeBilly Sadly my German extends to counting to ten. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • The way the papers are treating it you'd have thought the Tories had already won the election. #
  • Hmm, Amazon order dispatched by Royal Mail. Despite strikes I'm still somewhat relieved. Somehow other couriers manage to be even worse. #
  • @SmartLudmilla Yeah, in the UK a C— is far more likely to be male than female. It implies arrogance and general unpleasentness. in reply to SmartLudmilla #
  • Amused that Bono is trending higher than Cameron. #
  • Everyone is a bit quiet arround here. Is twitter having issues? #
  • Errm, how odd. I can see people's tweets if I go to their page, but my feed isn't updating. #
  • Hmm, seems I'm not the only one: #
  • Talking into this void somewhat highlights the ultimate futility of twitter. Or something. Either way, it feels odd. #
  • Twitter timeline slowly seems to be grabbing posts, but all in the past. Still not convinced I'm seeing everything though. #
  • Ooh! Only 15 minutes behind now. That possibly even means all is well! #
  • Just read an article for the second time, only then to notice that it was illustrated with gratuitous breasts. Why?! #
  • I realize that my previous tweet was ambiguous. My Why?! was directed at the need for gratuitous breasts, not that I didn't notice them. #
  • @MsKitton@bengoldacre Many UK freecycle groups have now split off from the US parent and are called freegle groups. #
  • – Unfortunately named sweets. #
  • Gah. Completely lost track of politics etc. and am now entirely confused. #
  • Crap. Just said 'wanker' at passing car pumping out loud dance music. Windows was open. Driver wasn't happy. #
  • @OyeBilly At least your grievence was somewhat more severe than being subjected to their taste in music. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @OyeBilly in reply to OyeBilly #
  • Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity. Fuck. Yet another shit result. Seriously don't think I'll be able to get these experiments working in time. #
  • While I like consistency across a computer, I somehow doubt its value when it adds my cat to my address book. #
  • Finding Micro Men strangely sad. #
  • @GeekinTheGambia Aggh! I did Biotechnology YES a couple of years ago. We were useless, had no idea about buisness stuff whatsoever. in reply to GeekinTheGambia #
  • Hah! Once again the Streisand effect is evident in the trending topics.There is something enormously satisfying in that. #
  • @janole I think fetch date may be better as otherwise things may get confusing across time-zones. in reply to janole #
  • @leighalexander Planescape:Torment obviously not only removed death, but made the PC's immortality central to its story. in reply to leighalexander #
  • @MsKitton Did you know that you've been linked by Sunny over at Pickled Politics? #
  • Just had a 'wrong number' on Skype, which shouldn't even be possible with my privacy settings. How odd. #

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