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Oct 7th, 2009
  • Applied for a Google Wave invite. Doubt I'll get one, as I can't exactly explain why I want one. Other than for pure curiosities sake. #
  • @qikipedia There are a series of genes that control development called hedgehog genes. Inc. Indian, desert and, erm, sonic hedgehog. in reply to qikipedia #
  • @qikipedia Mutations in sonic hegehog can result in polydactaly (extra fingers and toes) in reply to qikipedia #
  • RT @indiegamescom Machinarium Demo is Available for Download #
  • Follow and RT @WPWebHosting For a Google Wave Invite. Giving one away every hour! #
  • Court order served via twitter (With URL this time) #
  • @guardiantech So that'll be one peak rate first class open return between Edinburgh and London then? in reply to guardiantech #
  • Just had a chilling thought. Perhaps MS intended the whole W7 launch party thing to be a viral mess of saccharine opiated horror. #
  • I am a mastermind-seeker, what kind of gamer are you? #
  • Just caught the end of DB before peepshow. Did he genuinely fuck up, or did it make more sense in context? #
  • @botherer CiF especially has always been a bit mad, seems that they'll let anyone write, but that is just laughable. in reply to botherer #
  • @botherer I'd suggest getting Goldacre in there, but that would only reinforce Andrew's bizzare notions that there is some kind of war on. #
  • Ugh, how do you go about complaining about noisy neighbours? Last time I tried (different set) they just started ringing my doorbell at 4am #
  • @MsKitton I think it just sends you through to the police station. Its not too bad though, I have earplugswhich cut out most the noise. in reply to MsKitton #
  • Yay! Finally seem to have the knack for unlocking front door. Unlocked first go twice today. In, up and twist. #
  • Oh dear god, I'm glad that was an advert to attract social workers and not a poorly concieved Tetlys advert. #
  • @rockpapershot To celebrate Kieron's defeat to the monster, what is your favourite monste? (Gaming or otherwise) in reply to rockpapershot #
  • Smoke alarm going off downstairs. How do you know when a flat is actually on fire? #
  • @LadyMcScamp It seems to have stopped now. So either they've sorted it, or it is a smouldering heap of burnt plastic. Possibly both. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Receiving spam (allegedly) from someone famous enough to have a wikipedia page about them. It appears to be encouraging peace. How odd. #
  • Wait, people still use Hotmail? #
  • Yes! I have a Google Wave invite! An actual invite, activation URL and all! #

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