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Sep 23rd, 2009
  • @ashens Oooh, care to reveal any details? I have a small suspicion as to what it may be. in reply to ashens #
  • Why on earth is one of the Jonas brother's birthday wishes trending? I thought twitter was supposed to be uncool with teens. #
  • @kierongillen Is wombed bread safe to google at work? in reply to kierongillen #
  • @rockpapershot Looking fancy, albeit still sluggish. Forum looks much improved, though I still need to explore it in depth. in reply to rockpapershot #
  • Uneven sausage cookage leads me to conclude that I have a wonky grill. (And to suddenly feel self concious about the fact I'm not vege) #
  • @OyeBilly But I like the skin! Unless we are talking about bananas. But otherwise, most skin is tasty. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @OyeBilly Ahh. My squid experience is probably insufficient to conclude as to whether I prefer it with or without skin. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @slummymummy1 I'm in the lab. It would probably get me sacked, or worse, covered in nasty chemicals. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Gah! I HATE disco stick, or whatever it's called. #
  • Have the horrible feeling that I'm forgetting something important! #
  • Huh? Where's my avatar gone? #
  • No bacon rolls due to 'half day.' However I won't be taking half day either. Bah! #
  • Why do the interwebs keep trying to sell me weight loss programs and teeth whitening stuff? #
  • Bet @Derrenbrown 's latest trick works by getting you to sit in a manner in which it is physically difficult to stand. #
  • Yup, if you sit legs straight in front, back into sofa and hands placed fingers in at top of legs is v. difficult to stand. Possible but … #
  • 'course, if it does work that way, is still a neat trick. Wonder what kind of padding we'll get this week? #Derrenbrown #
  • Much better than last week, and looking like my prediction is wrong. #Derrenbrown #
  • Mwhahah! Okay, I was right. #
  • Just had a wasp try and repeatedly dive bomb my lips. #
  • Great analysis of dating replies over on okcupid. (via B3ta) I especially love the performance of the word zombie. #
  • Gahh! Major follow spam! #
  • 11 followers in 9 minutes!, all spammers. #
  • Back into playing a bit of Dwarf Fortress. Embarked somewhere where all the surface water dried up come summer. Need underground river! #
  • @LadyMcScamp To be fair, I'm pretty sure his daughters would regret it; when he trired to CUT IT OFF WITH A KNIFE. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Fed up of the bulkiness of my neolithic MP3 player. Contemplating upgrade. #
  • Eeep, half the trending topics are just spam. #
  • University didn't deliver registration forms for '4th' year. Treck across city to join long queue. Would prefer to be doing actual work. #
  • @bengoldacre I'm more annoyed by their atrocious links to papers. No excuse in a world of dois and short urls. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • @bengoldacre Unfortunately never seen a paper linked directly from a newspaper, occasionally links to journal front pages. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • @bengoldacre 'Atrocious' was somewhat of an understatement, and 'non-existent' would have been more accurate. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • @bengoldacre Come to think of it, do any of your links to papers survive the cut? I'm more used to reading on your blog. in reply to bengoldacre #

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