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Sep 16th, 2009
  • RT @TechCrunch Twitpocalypse II Coming To A Twitter Client Near You This Friday #
  • #DerrenBrownLotteryPrediction Simple sleight of hand? I doubt collusion with Camelot. Camera trickery would be out of keeping with him… #
  • @SarahFCraig Difficulty with that is the number of combinations involved. More likely somehow assembled sequence after event. in reply to SarahFCraig #
  • Just seen a diet advert in which the 'before' photo appears to be a pregnant woman. Lose 10lb in 1 week it says. Hmmm. #
  • @DerrenBrown Will be dissapointed if its just camera trickery. in reply to DerrenBrown #
  • @bremxjones Mainly due to RPS and PC gaming in general. in reply to bremxjones #
  • Gah! Flat beneath being noisy again. Hope they don't go on 'till half twelve again. Sounds like guitar practice tonight… #
  • @antonvowl You owe me the braincells I just destroyed bashing my head against the heel of my hand after reading that comment. in reply to antonvowl #
  • Gahh! Now things have stopped inducing! Why? Why would they do that? #science #rant #
  • Main TV in use by temporary flatmates, so watching Derren Brown on analogue via 6cm long aerial. Quality VERY poor! #
  • So how long is @DerrenBrown going to bullshit us for before he reveals that his numbers were only determined AFTER the draw? #
  • More impressed by the mouse trick than the lottery one. #
  • @DerrenBrown is still clearly trying to mislead us #
  • Talk about misdirection, I'm pretty sure he's been flat out lying so far. #DerrenBrownLotteryPrediction #
  • Oooh, just noticed how all previous guesses also came AFTER the draw. #DerrenBrownLotteryPrediction #
  • Errm, one heap of obvious bullshit, followed by a marginally less obvious heap of bullshit. #DerrenBrownLotteryPrediction #
  • We began with an impossible, moved on to an improbable, but there are a darn sight more probables which aren't impossible! #
  • @LewieP Bah, I don't even buy his 'fixing it' excuse. Plenty of easier and far more legal ways of achieving the same result. in reply to LewieP #
  • I really should write about popular trending stuff more often! I get so many more visitors to my blog that way. #
  • Hehe! Props to the person that found my blog Googling "derren brown maths bullshit" #
  • Nooo! No interwebs via desktop until Monday. Just tripped bandwidth. #
  • Yay! Just realised that some of Friday's stuff worked after all. #
  • @OyeBilly I'm secretly pleased when I overhear small children spotting my long hair and mistaking me for female. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @OyeBilly Only had one adult do it though, which was mildly amusing as they suddenly got all appologetic. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • Just seen District 9. Had avoided reading about it, so didn't know quite what to expect. Good, although style changes a bit odd. #
  • Gah! A party downstairs AGAIN! They appear to be listening to dance version of 'Love story'?! WTF? #
  • @jimrossignol Yep, RPS reader. Well not exclusively, I have other facets of my personality, but they aren't so relevent in this case. in reply to jimrossignol #
  • Trying to decide on tomorrow's tea. Casserole Chorizo, butter beans, shallots, red wine, chestnut mushrooms. Suggestions? #
  • Confused by spam implying correlation between my penis size and travel arrangements. It didn't even make sense metaphorically. #
  • @Jestrun @gunnarsimonsen Sorry, not the right person. in reply to Jestrun #
  • Like some of the new default twitter icons, better than the blue on brown emoticon thingy. #
  • I wish news agencies would do a little bit of research. The use of a GPU as a general purpose parallel processor is well established. #
  • The fact that a researcher in Warwick used an Xbox 360 does not make it novel. It just makes it a bizzare choice for running custom code. #
  • @Optimaximal Indeed, and I wouldn't be surprised is the XBox in question was a dev version supplied by MS. in reply to Optimaximal #

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