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Sep 9th, 2009
  • 'Last Chance to See' Starts on BBC2 this Sunday. @stephenfry revisits the endangered animals in Douglas Adams' book. #
  • Ahh, about time. Was having major trouble tweeting for a while then, was worried tweets would be duplicated several times. #
  • @rockpapershot inspired by the strange glove thing, do you see anything doing in the kb+mouse as the primary control system for PC Gaming? in reply to rockpapershot #
  • Ugh, a pornbot tweeted, "It's pretty difficult this site, maybe a cute boy could help me out ;)" At least I hope its a porn bot ::shudders:: #
  • Eeep, I'm keeping a close eye on bandwidth usage. Getting dangerously close to 10GB monthly limit on mobile broadband. (Resets 14th) #
  • @Gaoandlove 1st September? Its the 4th today. in reply to Gaoandlove #
  • Whoops, my flat situation wasn't as long term as I thought. Eeep! #fb #
  • Homophobic crap trending. (Oooh, as an added bonus there is racist shit thrown in there as well.) Won't add to it. #Idontcarewhoyoulove #
  • This is truly chilling, skimming PDF now. RT @wikileaks: EU thinktank declares war on the poor #
  • Hmm, page 19 and so far the PDF itself seems fairly innocuous. #
  • Gah, getting late. Think relevant stuff starts on Pg. 61 (Pdf page 63) but need sleep. #
  • Its like a parody of industry immaturity and sexism. Except its real. Ugh. RT @bremxjones: Fucking developers: #
  • Overheard: "What is the big deal about a moose?!" What indeed? #
  • Great, appear to have attracted the attention of Christian spambots. Maybe the moose was a metaphore for Jesus. #
  • @Filmstalker Ahh, is that what it was. It was flying very low over the West End, was a bit worried it was in trouble. in reply to Filmstalker #
  • @Filmstalker Not especially, and given its height (and size) I would certainly expected a bit more noise, but I'm no expert on these things. in reply to Filmstalker #
  • @bengoldacre I have long hoped for capes to come into fashion. Perhaps you could be a trend setter. (amongst geeky skeptic types at least) in reply to bengoldacre #
  • Want to play computer game, but nothing I own really leaping out. A bit silly. #
  • Oh dear, Radio 1 is a Chris Moyles wankfest this morning. #
  • @bengoldacre Much better than the guy I heard last week suggesting that everything should be automatically irrevocably patented. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • Why does every mildly interesting result I get in this PhD inevitably turn out to be an artifact? #

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