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Sep 2nd, 2009
  • @VickieWire It is the latest version of OSX, the operating system found on Apple Macs. (Think of it as a new version of Windows.) in reply to VickieWire #
  • @slummymummy1 I don't know, I don't even know who some of the people following me are. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Oh dear, I've just noticed that whenever I read the word 'simple' I add an s to the end and hear it in a faux-Russian accent. Stupid adverts #
  • @slummymummy1 How odd, a spambot just retweeted your last tweeting @ me. (See @thatstwit) in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Racing the clouds home. #
  • Tweet barely sent and already fearing I'll loose #
  • @andyvglnt I think they are a voice we need, even if they seem to eschew sense for sensationalism on occasions. Though it would be nice… in reply to andyvglnt #
  • @andyvglnt … If more moderate (read 'evidence based') greens got a louder voice. Otherwise too easy to write off problems with panics. in reply to andyvglnt #
  • @andyvglnt Was treating one as a subfaction of the other though. Is there something I'm missing? in reply to andyvglnt #
  • @andyvglnt Ahh, getting our tweets crossed over a bit here. Instant messaging it ain't. in reply to andyvglnt #
  • Gahh! almost home and remembered that I needed to set something up #
  • just voted "Atheist! :D" on "Show Us Twitter's Religious Diversity." vote too ➔ #
  • Gone Pro on flickr, and now just need to sort through all my photos to find the decent ones. #
  • @andyvglnt Happy Birthday! #
  • @OyeBilly Another birthday? That's two of my followees today. Happy Birthday. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @OyeBilly Yep, last Sunday. Was good thanks. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • @ladylikepunk Ahh hello, sorry I couldn't join all you lot, PhD proving a bit of a time sink. Hello to everyone there though. in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • Oh dear, where did that glass of wine go? It was full a moment ago. Drinking on own a worrying development. #
  • @Feminazery RT Ahh hello, sorry I couldn't join all you lot, PhD proving a bit of a time sink. Hello to everyone there though. #
  • Haha, reading LastFM comments, some people miss the point, EPICLY "I got very disappointed when I found out that Lola was a man ¬¬" #
  • Noooo! Not only have I fallen into the rabbit hole that is TV Tropes, but I linked across into Wikipedia. Well there goes Sunday. #
  • @PrincessZelda I think I might, I currently stand at 16 tabs, and some of those will certainly spawn more. in reply to PrincessZelda #
  • Just pre-ordered Scribblenauts. Never thought I'd pre-order a DS game. #
  • Jealous of those who have today off. #fb #
  • @yuribou Welcome back, hope the honeymoon prooved fun! in reply to yuribou #
  • @BuckSexington Some people would panic buy Bog Roll if they thought it made an anti-EU statement. in reply to BuckSexington #
  • Was MC Hammer naff in the 80's or is it merely a status acrued with time? #
  • Feel like requesting something subversive on Radio 1 but they seem to be playing it very safe with requests. #
  • I really need an additional anonymous twitter account, but who'd follow it? Telling friends and followers here would defeat the point! #
  • Gah, why do I have Christmas songs stuck in my head? It's september! #

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