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Aug 26th, 2009
  • Bah, motivation completely through the floor. #
  • @andyvglnt Tried a couple, but find that the art doesn't have any 'added value' for me, thus novels are cheaper/last longer. in reply to andyvglnt #
  • Right, off to bed. Not quite the epic tweeting I dream of making, but epic is hard in 140 characters. #
  • Gah! My own ugly naked guy is at the window again. #fb #
  • @LadyMcScamp He might not like me calling him 'ugly' naked guy. (Even if it is a Friends reference) in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • There's something very satisfying about the fastest man on the planet having the surname bolt. It should work like that more often. #
  • So tedious being in lab alone. #
  • @OyeBilly @PrincessZelda eBay items or TV programs? I've already failed on the latter. in reply to OyeBilly #
  • – @PrincessZelda A scientist, I'm afraid the sexy is entirely subjective. #
  • – Oh dear, I really shouldn't be picking photos from their thumbnails. #
  • @PrincessZelda @OyeBilly Give sharks laser beams?! Are you mad! You'll kill us all! #
  • @charltonbrooker Yes. Or at least he does in the book. Oral no less. in reply to charltonbrooker #
  • For a moment I thought twitter had dropped all my followers but @charltonbrooker but no, he's just tweeting a lot. #
  • Uhh, followees I mean. Stupid autospellcheck. If I want to make up words I will. #
  • Was just sword fighting with a glowstick. Unfortunately not a Monkey Island player, so insults would have been wasted. #
  • Woo! Happy birthday to me. Lets hope next year is better than the previous, which was quite frankly epic fail. #
  • Do people still go for the 'western' options at indian restaurants/take aways? I would have thought it rare now. #
  • @PrincessZelda I wouldn't worry, better than the fools who pick the hottest item in an attempt to proove they are 'hard'. in reply to PrincessZelda #
  • @PrincessZelda Point being though, that there is enough variety, and curries are common enough fare, that most will find something. in reply to PrincessZelda #
  • Wow, I have so much rubbish saved on my computer. Scary thing is half of the rubbish is still somewhere on my website. #
  • Can't help thinking the Avatar trailer makes it look like a ridiclous cliched mess with 'unfortunate implications.' Could be wrong of course #
  • IUnless the film subverts the implications in the trailer, I'm pretty sure I could draft out the plot already. #
  • I never know quite what to do when the smoke alarm goes off downstairs. #

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