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Aug 12th, 2009
  • Back home, downloading a 3.05GB file, and it keeps stalling. Last night got to 99% ~270kb left, yet it won't download that last bit. Gah! #
  • JamesGDon't suppose anyone wants to leap into the Windows 7 RD (7100) X64 iso and grab the last meg or so with a hex editor for me? #
  • @botherer Oh snap, but I'm up in Scotland, so its even more stupid. in reply to botherer #
  • And there I thought it was just my phone playing silly buggers. DDoS though… #
  • Pleasantly drunk. On a thursday. Hmm. #
  • Gah! My huge download has just dropped back to 0%. Most the file stuff is there, but the download managed is confused. Give up. #
  • @calhardesty Oh piss off you spammy twit. #
  • @slummymummy1 It'll be because the 'style sheets' aren't loading, they tell a website what to look like. It'll sort itself out. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • @slummymummy1 Probably due to heavy server load, possibly due to the 'Denial of Service' attack earlier. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Seems that the Streisand effect takes place even with DDoS attacks a I'm pretty sure more people know about @Cyxymu today than last week. #
  • Downloaded the huge file at work instead, took about six minutes. Computing seemed a bit miffed that I'd even bothered to ask. #
  • Will never block ubiquitin western in milk again. BSA much cleaner and extra cost more than compensated by savings in amount of antibody. #
  • which of course meant nothing to most of my followers. #
  • Why do folk insist on blocking the end of the till when others need to load stuff on the belt? #
  • @kateweb Been sandals weather today and yesterday. Lived in south of Eng growing up, so this isn't just a Scott surprised to see any sun. in reply to kateweb #
  • @domipheus Something to do with the Tattoo perhaps? in reply to domipheus #
  • @AliceOsborne I believe Marmite is good for both if you can tolerate the stuff. in reply to AliceOsborne #
  • @AliceOsborne Steamed spinach is also good for follate. in reply to AliceOsborne #
  • @slummymummy1 Really? My main excitement today was buying a new electric razor. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • @slummymummy1 No, my own MP3 collection, which at the moment consists of a song about a self loathing giant squid. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Trying to get all my MP3s in order, with Album art and everything. #
  • Hour train journey coming up, travelling light, so no entertainment and Sunday papers expensive. Hope twitter will prove entertaining. #
  • Damn, rain; I don't have a coat. This 'travelling light' plan is looking less and less sensible. #fb #
  • Hmm, the work computer appears to have re-named me. Am now James gorgoni apparently. #fb #
  • @SallyPinkPaws Welcome to Twitter. #
  • Oh dear, two out of three things I had planned to do today look like non starters. #
  • Ouch! Today's xkcd feels a touch close to home. Was Randall just calling me boring? I actually feel a bit hurt and insulted. #
  • Bah, not a good day. Was in sweaty mood earlier. Lots of time wasted I think. #
  • Oh bugger, predictive text (which is utterly silly on my qwerty phone anyway) replaced sweary with sweaty. I have dirty mouth, not armpits. #
  • While I appreciate the irony involved in a 'stress awareness' course creating more stress, I don't think this was intended. #
  • @BuckSexington I've been there, stayed in the caravan park opposite on a family holiday when I was little. Is the Spyglass pub still there? in reply to BuckSexington #
  • Being told I may be stressed. No Shit. #
  • @rockpapershot Having to watch a flash tutorial about stress in work. Does the hivemind find any games stressful to play? #
  • Just realised I have major aversion to doubling back. Auto-pilot took me 10m down wrong route on foot, going long way rather than turning. #

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