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Aug 5th, 2009
  • What the!? Not sure about the new twitter login page. It looks like a completely different website. #
  • @DaveGorman Thanks for the disection of the Guardian comedy article. it bothered me on a number of levels, not least the misrepresentation. #
  • @DaveGorman Uhh, the Guardian article bothered me that is, not your disection of it. #
  • If the subject of your E-mail begins '[Fwd: [Fwd: FW: ' it will be deleted. Especially if it begins with FYI. #
  • Is it just me, or did 'twat' only gain swearword status recently? I could swear (npi) that it used to be on the same level as twit and prat #
  • @rockpapershot What games have inspired you most with a unique/interesting art direction. Is art direction more important than graphics? #
  • @dave_turner Where else do you expect them to keep their Rusks? in reply to dave_turner #
  • Gah, bloody blurry band. Could actually be the result I want, but not v. clean. Might need to try higher % gel. #
  • I once read about someone using explosives to kill cattle. It was abominable. The same can be said for that joke. #
  • Feeling. Urge. To. Kareoke. Rising. Can't sing. More. Drink. Dangerous. #
  • Ended up singing Barbie Girl. (as Ken) Fairly easy, but also under appreciated as a piece of satire. #
  • Hearing scissor sisters being butchered. Utterly. #
  • Hmm, TV signal so poor can't even pick up EPG, and digital channels non existent. No idea why, is usually fine. #
  • @Palestinebat I'm currently grabbing my interwebs over 3G dongle. I doubt it would cope, and would almost certainly send me over my limit. in reply to Palestinebat #
  • Gah, Steam is having issues. Keeps stalling on the 'Checking for Steam game updates..' bit. Currently troubleshooting. #
  • Working again, but will have to restore games etc. one by one until I find the problem #
  • Hmm, no wine glasses in new flat. Shall have to drink out of tumblers.a. #
  • Hmm, that Ragu was surprisingly tasty. #
  • Gah! I'm such a geek, I've spent an hour reading up on reviews of two near identical hard drives in an attempt to choose. #
  • Gahh! I think I need to replace the foil on my electric razor, it is currently making my face hurt. #
  • Bollocks. Curry boiled a bit dry and caught on bottom. Hope it doesn't taste too burnt. #
  • @neilhimself Rutabaga? Swede according to Wikipedia. The different American names for veg makes it sound like they have exotic stuff. #
  • @neilhimself Of course, being a Brit living in the US all this is boringly familiar to you. #
  • Just saw a pigeon have a fit and die in front of me. Think someone is poisoning them, saw another dead one yesterday. #

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