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Jul 22nd, 2009
  • @dave_turner Bah, for full effect you should have ascribed said scene to Star Treck. in reply to dave_turner #
  • Really should leave the lab while it's sunny, rather than checking twitter. #
  • What exactly is Boris feeding his chickens? #
  • Haha! When your own defense lawyer describes you as an "silly, immature, alcoholic, dysfunctional twit," you know know you are a lost cause. #
  • I. Do. Not. Need. Bloody. Debt. Consolidation. Please. Stop. Phoning. Me. With. Cocking. Robots. #
  • @antonvowl suspended? Why? #
  • Scratch that, I'm seeing it just fine. #
  • @LadyMcScamp I think it might be a glitch. @antonvowl's account looks fine from here. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Should head off to bed but am clicking through miscellaneous links on the interwebs in the hope of finding something amazing. #
  • Just discovered. 1. Teletext is finishing. 2. It's owned by the Daily Mail. Suddenly any nostalgia I may have felt is tainted. #
  • Gah! Leaver's forms? You do NOT do that to someone approaching the end of a PhD. You politely pretend they have ages left. #fb #
  • Walk to new flat from work ~30m. Lots of uphill and downdale, but fairly scenic. #
  • Door w/note 'Basic life support training, used other door.' Flat beeeeeep comming from within. Oh well, I suppose they are learning. #
  • Almighty crash of thunder as I unlock the door. Would have been ominous if it wasn't my own flat. #
  • @feketenoemi I don't think so… Unless they are waiting until I sleep. in reply to feketenoemi #
  • JamesGStill finding new ways for things to go wrong after four years! (Its what PhDs are all about) #fb #
  • Got my new glasses, everything seems somehow 'more' 3D #
  • Flat needs to be declared a site of special scientific interest. It appears to contain the only wardrobe in which coat-hangers don't breed. #
  • rt @guardianscience: Humans glow in the dark #
  • I haven't so much glanced at my uni notes for four years, so why am I loathe to throw them out? #fb #
  • – Moving can be such a hassle. Stuff all over the place. #
  • Shit! Where did I put those train tickets. I remember thinking it was someplace 'safe' but can't remember where. #
  • Just remembered train tickets are with passport… Shit. Where is passport? #
  • Come to move the first load and it starts raining. Lots. Insane ammounts actually, and getting heavier. waiting it out in car. #
  • Moved all across now. Just need to clean up the old place. #fb #
  • Just had agressive arse swear at me for no reason, before he began yelling 'are youse all scottish' at folk at bus stop. #
  • Oh dear, it appears that I missed my 1000 tweet. #
  • – Saw this yesterday but battery too low to tweet. #

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