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Jul 8th, 2009
  • @ninja_kate Its time which is the biggest barrier for me. I'm less than three months from the end of a PhD and can't afford the time off. in reply to ninja_kate #
  • Just had a lots of rain. Thundering arround, and still muggier than what I drink my coffee out of! #
  • Bit worried that I've been putting out sleazy-guy messages. Wasn't aware that having your collar undone gave a message. #
  • Bloody hell! I just spoke to a customer service rep who knew what she was doing, was polite, helpful and efficient. #
  • @slummymummy1 Well of course, she could have been lying to me. I think I'm getting a phone line, I might end up with a hip replacement. in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Bah! They've massively inflated the price of a ticket between Edinburgh and Cambridge #
  • I know I tweet this every time I buy rail tickets, but bloody hell it is confusing! #
  • Just listened to an elderly woman mumble inaudably in a strong Scottish accent. She was either talking tennis, muggers or dogs. #
  • Have laptop with seemingly dead HD. Seems that I will need to destroy HD via mechanical means. #
  • @VickieWire It's a competition run by a web-hosting service. Include the #moonfruit tag and you could win a Macbook. in reply to VickieWire #
  • #Ebuyer167201 I'll only tweet that once though, as I don't want to annoy/confuse all my lovely followers. #
  • My lucky day. Pasta didn't scan so I got it for free. 78p saved. #
  • Watchin 'Come Dine With Me.' One of my guilty pleasures. #
  • Running a backup and its taking ages. I really need to tweak the settings as I'm sure its backing up a load of unnecessary stuff. #
  • Ooh, thunderstorm in Edinburgh. Lets see if we can get something decent. #
  • @LadyMcScamp The worst is when you finish a book, enjoy it, only then to discover that the author is a fuckwit and you interpreted it wrong. in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Bah, post office will charge line connection after-all, and will need access to flat. May be doing mobile internet after-all. #
  • Meanwhile bit worried that I may smell gas. #
  • Watching #torchwood Lets see if its got better since the first two series #
  • So, are we going to be ripping of the Midwich Cuckoos or childhood's end? #torchwood #
  • Computer's don't beep when you type! #torchwood #
  • @grabcocque Given some security failures in the past few years possibly. After-all, they've allowed top-secret plans to be photographed. in reply to grabcocque #
  • #Torchwood a bit meh. Better than the last two series, but still… #
  • @TrillianAstra42 Oh dear, TV Tropes is dangerous. Whenver I visit it, I'm lost for hours. in reply to TrillianAstra42 #
  • Going to take another crack at the whole #moonfruit thing. I'm usually a PC man, but a free Mac would remove one of the major minuses: cost. #
  • Pft, I've had push Gmail on my Nokia for a while now. Yet when Apple finally catch up its a trending topic. Pah! #
  • Difficult to get motivated without the boss here. ( #moonfruit because I'm greedy) #
  • Gah! Western didn't transfer properly due to a big F-off air-bubble which wasn't there when I set it up. #science #
  • Ahh, seems that #moonfruit is picking throughout the day, bettwer tweet again. #
  • Gas leak all sorted out. Got to phone a number with 999 in it. Was worried phone would forget the 0800111 bit #
  • @TrillianAstra42 It's a competition run by a web-hosting service. Include the #moonfruit tag and you could win a Macbook. Almost over. in reply to TrillianAstra42 #
  • Sniper is a bit shit. #torchwood #
  • Why didn't they just shoot them? #torchwood #
  • Damnit, had been doing so well. Then turned over for Brooker and caught the end of an episode of Big Brother. #

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