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Jul 1st, 2009
  • Bloody bus 'terminated' early. Now actually further away from home #
  • Note to time table makers, via means 'passes through' not stops at and ignores the rest of the route. #
  • @dresdencodak Somatic cell or germ line mutations? in reply to dresdencodak #
  • @dresdencodack This would suggest possibly yes: (Though alien species would have a different genetic OS) #
  • @cliffski Really? I've mostly been seeing positive comments, save about the slightly arsey way they complied with anti-trust legislation. in reply to cliffski #
  • Accepted first flat. Move out on the 18th-19th July. Must now collect boxes. (And blog at some point, I've been poor recently.) #
  • @JonStrickland What?! What?! in reply to JonStrickland #
  • @JonStrickland BBC doesn't have confirmation, but he was found 'not breathing' so it sounds a distinct possibility in reply to JonStrickland #
  • Why when I hear of a celeb (possible) death, do I check B3TA almost immediately. (Sometimes I find out there first) #
  • BBC News has Uri Geller on, despite the fact he knows as much as anyone else. #
  • @slummymummy1 Still a bit unclear, but possibly. TMZ said yeas ages ago, LA Times is reporting that law enforcement sources have confirm … in reply to slummymummy1 #
  • Hmm, the BBC seems to be relying on the AP report from an anonymous un-named source. #
  • @yuribou Flatmate moving out July 27th, so need to find new place. Moving across town on 18th-19th July. Hence need for new interwebs. in reply to yuribou #
  • Overheard: My Mum's a nice woman but she's like, not the Hoff. #
  • Has someone just won a football match, there is lots of cheering coming from somewhere outside #
  • In the lab, coffee before I start working. Big 4h gap in this protocol later. Have DS with me. #
  • Hmm. Cells really aren't grown up enough. Looks like I have Sunday off after all. Must remember to come back in in evening. #
  • @Greenwichlad I read that as 'against racism-at-Glastonbury' and was deeply saddened, and wondered what I had missed. in reply to Greenwichlad #
  • I've blocked several spammer followers, is there any way to get them unlisted from your followers list? #
  • I feel old: RT @the_magazine Remember Walkmans? An iPod-owning 13-year-old who had never seen one tried one for a week: #
  • I want a holiday. #

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