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Jun 24th, 2009
  • Disgusted to read the many of the comments on the Times' article on the attacks on Romanians in Belfast. #
  • Bit worried about the incestuous nature of my twitter followees, they all seem to know each other. Even the ones which shouldn't. #
  • Twitter is not a competition folks, you do not need to maximise your number of followers. #
  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – #
  • Absolutely chucking it down. Might be tinges of thunder as well. #
  • Mmm! Leaving work and I smell BBQ #
  • @grabcocque They can't prove anything. Are tweets admissable in a court of law? in reply to grabcocque #
  • Today's lesson: The oven will not warm up if it is not turned on. #
  • @JonStrickland I knew exactly where that link would go, mainly because I also had something in my eye when I saw it. It appears to be back. in reply to JonStrickland #
  • RT @JonStricklandI. . I have something in my eye. . . #
  • @Greenwichlad It mysteriously went missing. The link doesn't even work. 93% Yes last time I checked it. in reply to Greenwichlad #
  • @MsKitton How on earth did you managed to miss it until now? in reply to MsKitton #
  • Waiting for a bus. Public transport at its shabiest #
  • – Someone dressed as father christmas in June? #
  • @SciencePunk Unless you take relatavistic travel into account in reply to SciencePunk #
  • @bengoldacre Have you been able to figure out what Steron's game-plan was? I never worked out what they were trying to pull. #
  • Heading off to look at a possible new flat. #
  • Anyone know the best options for setting up a short-term broadband connection? (Currently not even an active line) #
  • I have a horrid sinking feeling that I'll be dealing with AOL. #
  • @BillyWilliwaw Yeah, I had considered that. I'd prefer the speed, stability and bandwidth allowances of a fixed line but it's a possibility. in reply to BillyWilliwaw #
  • @Palestinebat Looking at them now. Seems the major issue is going to be sorting out a landline. I don't need a phone damnit! in reply to Palestinebat #

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