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Jun 17th, 2009
  • @rockpapershot Probably too late here, but on the subject of Kieron's reviews of board games, what can modern games learn from these? #
  • Sudden spike in blog traffic over past hour. Can't figure out where they are coming from. #
  • Does anyone else think Daniel Merriwether <sp?> sounds obnoxiously smug? #
  • I hate shops which charge a different price on their website to the highstreet. Just wasted a trip into town. #
  • Used student discout and loyalty card to get it cheaper. Why do I still feel cheated. #
  • Why are anchovies popularly presented as being disgusting? They are gorgeous! #
  • 2800 new tweets? Me thinks pidgin may be having trouble! #
  • @GuyNesher It might be Twitpocalypse related. #
  • Do I hear thunder? Please don't powercut before my experiments are finfished! #
  • PLEASE RT Functioning Iran proxies #iranelection (via @unslugged) #
  • – Slipped on wet floor in the lab. Painful! #
  • Vaguely wondering if I broke my arm yesterday. Its still sore, but the swelling makes it difficult to feel the line of the bone. #
  • Playing arround with Opera Unite. If my browser is open, feel free to leave a note on my fridge:
  • @yuribou Yeah, movement is just fine. Pain is only when I poke it, although dull ache rest of time. Hope swelling will go down soon. #

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