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Jun 3rd, 2009
  • David Bow Wowie #animalmusic #
  • Is there a football match on tonight or something? #notafootballfan #
  • Earlier today persuaded lab to turn off 100C heat block when not in use, as always know in advance when need it. Guess who forgot? #fb #
  • Also getting dirty water in Edinburgh (Stockbridge), glad others on Twitter having same problem. Better go get some bottles in. #
  • @curlsdiva Yeah, got a similar problem here in Stockbridge, hope they haven’t run out of bottles. #
  • – It’s still shrink wrapped. I hope they never actually paid that. (The OEM on the label suggests not) #
  • RT @SciencePunk … Guardian’s online ‘debate’ with Neals Yard has now closed. NY refused to answer any questions. #
  • Finally got round to seeing Star Treck. Going to be white hatting it though, albeit without the hat. #
  • Newsnight Scotland spouting lots of crap about Moral Decline and influence of the church. Bigging up the Co-Op though, which is good. #
  • Several late nights this week, and only crap results to show for it. Meanwhile I wish I was outside in the sun. #
  • I think I only agree with 1 of the Xian Party policies and even then, probably for different reasons (Guess which) #
  • In the park, in the sun, with book. Fantastic. #fb #
  • @jamesguanzon I must admit to being confused, although get the feeling that you didn’t mean me. in reply to jamesguanzon #
  • Weird. The band at the taste festival seem to be playing a swing version of ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ #
  • @ladylikepunk Similar issue here, but my twitter client was having issues connecting, so I think it was down. in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • @stephenfry Is that all? I had assumed it was a few centuries old? Is it the bell we are talking about here, or the clock tower as well? in reply to stephenfry #
  • RT: @Greenwichlad :How the BNP planned to con the british electorate: Please RETWEET #stopthebnp #bnparetwats #
  • Being followed by a service that promises to re-tweet me if I re-tweet others. Isn’t that somewhat missing the point of retweeting #
  • @antonvowl Another person endorsing krisprolls, absolutely lovely. Infact, I may go and get some now. in reply to antonvowl #
  • – Damn you Twitter! #
  • RT @antonvowl New blog post: One last push, friends… #
  • @yuribou Indeed they are. It was a convo on twitter that once more prompted my Krisproll cravings. in reply to yuribou #
  • @antonvowl It is the Green’s anti-science stance (with some policies driven more by fear than evidence) which stops me supporting them. #
  • @BillyWilliwaw Can you jinx on twitter if you both spam about your blog at the same time. (Or near enough) in reply to BillyWilliwaw #
  • Woo! I am the top Google result for ‘terrible animated gifs’ (quotes not included) #

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