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May 27th, 2009
  • My chicken tika sandwich appears to be tuna and cheese (?!) instead. #fb #
  • @ladylikepunk Yay! in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • @BillyWilliwaw Depends if it is the one in Kent, or the one in the New Forrest. (or another thing entirely) in reply to BillyWilliwaw #
  • @lizzybean76 You what now? Or do your last two tweets only look odd to me? in reply to lizzybean76 #
  • @dresdencodak I wonder how true that is, and how many are lying for political reasons. It is a shame how much religion dominate US politics. in reply to dresdencodak #
  • @robmanuel broken picture telephone! Pictionary meets chineese whispers. in reply to robmanuel #
  • @VickieWire Sometimes they drop them through a day late if they were out of cards the last time. Check the date on it. Or are just lazy. in reply to VickieWire #
  • Today will be shorter than expected as yeast contaminated with bacteria. #
  • About to head down south for a friends wedding. Long train journey here I come! #fb #
  • On train, stuck behind stag party. I hope they aren’t going far. #
  • Stag group in front not too bad. Loud, but not being obnoxious or anything. #
  • @rockpapershot How about a bit on Rossingol’s discussion of architecture in games. (which part of the hivemind is recording here?) in reply to rockpapershot #
  • @ALondoner Ahh, sounds like a good plan. Will have some kind of lift-share thing going on but sure it wont be an issue. in reply to ALondoner #
  • Home now, but having problems with mobile signal, so will be relying on the laptop for twitter. That is until I can dig out the WPA code. #
  • Ooh, I have the same number of followers as followees, they are not the same people always though. #
  • Missed a trick with wedding gifts and should have got a ‘floating duck island.’ #
  • – @ALondoner enjoying a pint #
  • Wedding done, now reception. Beautiful weather. #
  • Oooh, hungover and long train journey to look forward to. I didn’t think this one through! #
  • Trains could hardly be emptier compared to Friday. Should be pleasent journey up. #
  • Bah! Getting mildly annoyed by folk falling for viruses/phishing attempts on facebook! #
  • Just registered at to search for Twitter users close to me! #
  • @jimrossignol @botherer You should find out by a wrestling match come next podcast. in reply to botherer #
  • Yeah, it annoyed me a bit. It did warn you, but I only noticed the warning after I hit submit. #
  • Throwing my experiments onto the floor by accident. Need coffee! #fb #
  • Not Californian,or even American, but #rejectprop8 #
  • Pft! Hardly impressed by #Ovi as absolutely nothing is listed as availible form my S60 based handset, and E63. I think they lie! #
  • @ladylikepunk Bollocks! Haven’t caught the news yet but can guess what has happened. Can we hope for an appeal at federal level? in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • Wow! I installed Vista SP2 and suddenly have 15GB more free HD space. How on earth does that work? #

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