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This Week’s Tweets

May 27th, 2009
  • My chicken tika sandwich appears to be tuna and cheese (?!) instead. #fb #
  • @ladylikepunk Yay! in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • @BillyWilliwaw Depends if it is the one in Kent, or the one in the New Forrest. (or another thing entirely) in reply to BillyWilliwaw #
  • @lizzybean76 You what now? Or do your last two tweets only look odd to me? in reply to lizzybean76 #
  • @dresdencodak I wonder how true that is, and how many are lying for political reasons. It is a shame how much religion dominate US politics. in reply to dresdencodak #
  • @robmanuel broken picture telephone! Pictionary meets chineese whispers. in reply to robmanuel #
  • @VickieWire Sometimes they drop them through a day late if they were out of cards the last time. Check the date on it. Or are just lazy. in reply to VickieWire #
  • Today will be shorter than expected as yeast contaminated with bacteria. #
  • About to head down south for a friends wedding. Long train journey here I come! #fb #
  • On train, stuck behind stag party. I hope they aren’t going far. #
  • Stag group in front not too bad. Loud, but not being obnoxious or anything. #
  • @rockpapershot How about a bit on Rossingol’s discussion of architecture in games. (which part of the hivemind is recording here?) in reply to rockpapershot #
  • @ALondoner Ahh, sounds like a good plan. Will have some kind of lift-share thing going on but sure it wont be an issue. in reply to ALondoner #
  • Home now, but having problems with mobile signal, so will be relying on the laptop for twitter. That is until I can dig out the WPA code. #
  • Ooh, I have the same number of followers as followees, they are not the same people always though. #
  • Missed a trick with wedding gifts and should have got a ‘floating duck island.’ #
  • – @ALondoner enjoying a pint #
  • Wedding done, now reception. Beautiful weather. #
  • Oooh, hungover and long train journey to look forward to. I didn’t think this one through! #
  • Trains could hardly be emptier compared to Friday. Should be pleasent journey up. #
  • Bah! Getting mildly annoyed by folk falling for viruses/phishing attempts on facebook! #
  • Just registered at to search for Twitter users close to me! #
  • @jimrossignol @botherer You should find out by a wrestling match come next podcast. in reply to botherer #
  • Yeah, it annoyed me a bit. It did warn you, but I only noticed the warning after I hit submit. #
  • Throwing my experiments onto the floor by accident. Need coffee! #fb #
  • Not Californian,or even American, but #rejectprop8 #
  • Pft! Hardly impressed by #Ovi as absolutely nothing is listed as availible form my S60 based handset, and E63. I think they lie! #
  • @ladylikepunk Bollocks! Haven’t caught the news yet but can guess what has happened. Can we hope for an appeal at federal level? in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • Wow! I installed Vista SP2 and suddenly have 15GB more free HD space. How on earth does that work? #

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May 26th, 2009

On Saturday I attended my first wedding of the year. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the whole thing went off seemingly without a hitch to the various guests assembled. Well, apart from the bride’s car breaking down, but what would life be if it couldn’t mimic a sitcom every once in a while. But in short, everyone was in a great mood, and the whole thing proceeded with a genuine sense of warmth, which was down to more than just the weather.
The fact that the happy couple were tying the knot wouldn’t come across as a surprised to anyone there. They had been together for many years already, and to anyone who knew them their marriage had become a matter of when, not if. Two people recognising and celebrating the fact that they love each other, what else could be more deserving of celebration?

You’d think so anyway wouldn’t you? Except for some people, a change of one small detail, one which I have in fact neglected to even mention in full, would change the above situation from something which should be celebrated, to something which should be prevented.

Today the Californian Supreme court voted to uphold Proposition 8, a dark stain which had made Obama’s victory in November, somewhat bitter-sweet. For the 52% of Californian voters who gave their support to the legislation, gender is far more important than love when it comes to marriage. Seemingly “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” bears a footnote ensuring that it is somewhat tempered if you happen to love someone with the same genitals as you.

“The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.”
Earl Warren 1891-1974
Governor of California 1943-1953,
Chief Justice of the United States 1953-1969

Of course, America has been through this all before, albeit in a slightly different guise. It has been 42 years since Earl Warren, a Californian, overturned Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, and ended race based restrictions on marriage throughout the US. I’ve borrowed a quote from him, which is as valid now as it was then, and I hope that he’d approve of its usage in this context, even if it would distance him from 52% of voters in his state, and countless members of his Republican party.

This Week’s Tweets

May 20th, 2009
  • @antonvowl It would be nice if they changed the ime to match an individuals time zone. in reply to antonvowl #
  • rt @charltonbrooker: ‘Backup Britain’ Movie Pitch: Replica UK is made: BNP supporters slowly realise they’re immigrants; beat selves to … #
  • The Gravity demo has just expired on my phone. Before I buy it, anyone know of any other decent S60 twitter clients worth trying? #
  • @sloanb I have a feeling you are right! I found Twittix shortly after my last tweet, and have already decided I prefer gravity. #
  • Still loving broken picture telephone! #
  • @bengoldacre Please don’t keep us hanging too long #
  • @LadyMcScamp Yeah, saw that, and Bindle in the past has been obnoxious wrt. trans folk. Didn’t have much respect for either of them. #
  • @peregr1n Apparently the Cameo cinema did a ‘Eurovision’ night last year, although I don’t know if it was in their bar or the cinema itself #
  • Ugh, as much as lab work can annoy, ‘office’ days pass so much more slowly. #
  • Landlord just forwarded ‘statutory repair notice.’ Sorry mate, but that’s your responsibility, not ours. #
  • Will contact letting agent, but unfortunately is public holiday in Edinburgh Mon – Tue #
  • Via The Daily Show “Yes We Can” <Smallprint>”But that doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to”</smallprint> #
  • Why the hell did I have $2.67 in my Paypal account? Nice and all, but no idea why it was there. #
  • Just purchased gravity. Downloaded full version, only to find demo had unlocked automagically! That’s a bit neat! #
  • I really shoul stop looking for a shirt which probably doesn’t even exist. Slate grey, faint texture, french cuff. #
  • – Is it just me, or is one of these cards out of place? #
  • – 16052009 #
  • – just noticed another card labeled regret. What is a wedding regret? #
  • @yuribou Sorry, phone camera better than old one, but still a bit crap. in reply to yuribou #
  • Okay, watching eurovision. Will grab wine shortly #
  • Got wine now #
  • Lithuania, passable, but nothing special. #eurovision A few cringy bit where he tries to get ‘power’ #
  • @mirrorballsmag #eurovision Definately! in reply to mirrorballsmag #
  • @lizzybean76 The wine? I’ve already had a friend disappointed that they couldn’t share. Its nothing special, but drinkable in reply to lizzybean76 #
  • Well the French entry sounds very French 🙂 Better than last year’s odd attempt #eurovision #
  • @LadyMcScamp Ahh, just wikied it, and seems I may be thinking of an entry a couple of years ago. A vaguely Ska number? #eurovision in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Sweeden were a bit too opratic for my tastes. #eurovision #
  • Gah! A face just flashed up in tweetdeck under #eurovision that I recognized, but it flashed away again before I could check the name. #
  • I wish I spoke Portuguese because I have a feeling that this would be funnier if I did. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Iceland, hideously generic, and very dull. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @bryzee86 Noo, its nowhere near as idealistically and vomit inducingly naive as taylor swift #twumpet in reply to bryzee86 #
  • Enough with the crotch thrusting Greece #eurovision #twumpet #
  • RT @grahamdell: #eurovision Greece’s answer to Barrowman? #
  • Armenia’s is bloody weird. The (English) Lyrics and dancing are Pussycat dolls, the rest, not so much #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @mirrorballsmag One of the other tags people are using for #eurovision don’t ask me why. in reply to mirrorballsmag #
  • Because all old people are depressed? #russia #eurovision #twumpet #
  • I’ve Celidhed to this! #eurovision #
  • A what from Moldova? #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Not sure about Moldova’s background dancers. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • I think I’ll support Malta out of protest at all the fat jokes which seem to be being tweeted #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @erykah_ Are you tweeting in the middle of a play? #
  • Half a bottle of wine so far. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • None of them have truely captured my imagination so far. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Yay! Tweetdeck working again. Ran out of API calls for a while then #
  • Oh god. I thought it had potential until she started singing. #eurovision #twumpet #turkey #
  • The guy wouldn’t look out of place with goat legs. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @Optimaximal Hehe, I’d re tweet but I doubt anyone who was following me who wasn’t following you would get it #eurovision #ZenoClash in reply to Optimaximal #
  • Norway trying to mimic the Irish as well #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Going to the the what? #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @realgroovyarts Actually, now you mention it I’m amazed he doesn’t. Could easily challenge @wossy #twumpet in reply to realgroovyarts #
  • Whoops, gesticulating knocks over wine glass and almost destroys wedding invite #
  • Enimem wanabe here I think, just with a naff backing track #eurovision #twumpet #
  • rt “@notontwitter um, is it just me or have we heard this already. ” – At least she has a different haircut #
  • @lizzybean76 The Eurovision song contest. Ultimate in camp europop viewing in reply to lizzybean76 #
  • Oh god. Please tell me they aren’t actually doing this! #eurovision #twumpet #
  • RT @danvesma: #twumpet #eurovision in space, no one can hear you sing #
  • She’s trying to tell us its not cold while her nipples are disturbingly errect? #eurovision #twumpet #
  • I say disturbingly because her clothing looked fairly thick #
  • If we did win Eurovision, you can guarantee that our show would be presented by Ant and Dec #eurovision #twumpet #
  • I hope they don’t crush the audience #eurovision #twumpet #
  • WTF #
  • Good start for the UK! #eurovision #twumpet #
  • @LadyMcScamp It’ll be all the Spanish expats #twumpet in reply to LadyMcScamp #
  • Norway taking a significant early lead #
  • Can I call it for Norway? #
  • Bloody hell, Norway is running away with this one! #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Douze! #
  • Ireland. I hope we do well from them. #eurovision #twumpet #
  • Hmm.. I’m glad Graham can add 12 and 129 #twumpet #eurovision #
  • Hah! Wogan must be kicking himself. #twumpet #eurovision #
  • Graham Norton is trending? Clearly the UK rule twitter! #
  • The people have spoken, and with a clear majority we have an obvious winner: the Congress party. What? You were expecting something else? #
  • Bah, in work tomorrow, despite it being an Edinburgh bank holiday. Will be a bit quiet I think. #
  • Work is empty today, makes it difficult to be motivated. Coffee to start I think, rather than waiting for coffee time. #
  • @bremxjones would they happen to be the cool ones linked on Lifehacker recently? Can’t help with who sent it though. #
  • Agh! Flatmate moving out at end of July. Will need short term Edinburgh rent starting in August! I’m screwed! #
  • Fortunately the first person I ask at work thinks they may be able to help. Will need to be asking folk I know whatever, I think. #
  • Anyone got a room free in Edinburgh for ~3 months from July 27th. ~£300/m + bills? #Edinburgh #flats #accommodation #
  • @rachel_er Ahh, so your facebook status wasn’t just idle curiosity! #
  • @thewellis What’s a furry graph? in reply to thewellis #
  • A company sent us some sequencing information on floppy disk! Remember those? #
  • Oh dear, looks like my talk tomorrow is going to run short. Very short. #fb #
  • Gah! I just realised that I’m gold farming on Plants versus Zombies. I have reached a new low of gaming patheticness! #
  • @yuribou Ahh… although the original brings back more memories for me. Did it link up on a PSX late night at friends house, great fun. #

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This Week’s Tweets

May 13th, 2009
  • Did a quiz on facebook. Question asked what the liquid in a coconut was called. It claimed that ‘milk’ was the answer. This is wrong! #
  • @charltonbrooker Ooohh, interesting rumours will surely arise from such an E-mail address, I hope that they shall be well founded. #
  • @andyvglnt Same here. Newswipe was one of the best programs this year, and we don’t see enough gaming coverage on the TV. #
  • @SJBry I’m pretty sure Yahtzee took a lot of inspiration from Brooker in the first place, but I doubt Brooker will adopt a review format. #
  • DNF dead in the water, Chinese democracy released? Help! We need a new symbol of repeated delays and potential vapourware! #
  • @rockpapershot Can the posibility of Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe get a mention. #
  • Tom felt that the tensile characteristics of MDF would make it unsuitable for the construction of the multi-story #badwordstostartanovel #
  • Three (well, actually four, but I’m not mentioning the one that they don’t know about) men (one is actually a woman) #badwordstostartanovel #
  • – Today’s work. A western blot. Here’s hoping for a good result. #
  • – Re earlier pic. This isn’t result I hoped for. Oh well. #
  • I wonder if the trending topics will ever be hijacked to deliver spoilers. I know of certain forums that could probably achieve it. #
  • It seems that almost concurrently with my speculation on trending topics manipulation, @DaveGorman manages to trend #tendingtropics #
  • Going to head off to a pub quiz shortly. #
  • Bah, need to be at bar at 7, little point in heading home, but even worse staying here! #
  • @DaveGorman if #tendingtropics reaches #1, do you think we could complete the set with #ninedingtopics, AND get them in order #
  • One of the key pub quiz ‘heroes’ is absent! Only one guarenteed high scorer remains. #
  • Discovered that my nickname at work is a brand of cockring #
  • Just discovered that my nickname at work is a brand of cockring #
  • Currently ahead and just had a good round. We may win this! #
  • had trouble tweeting then. Came second in the end, but beat favourites #
  • @yuribou G-lover, after a mistaken pause when giving my name on the first day. (I realised I couldn’t say James G as my name a bit too late) in reply to yuribou #
  • Pictionary meets Chinese whispers. #
  • @bengoldacre I’d be interested to see the mark scheme for the drugs question. I don’t think you can draw any conclusions from the table. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • @ladylikepunk Kenwood are pretty good for spares, check their website in reply to ladylikepunk #
  • How are there so few tweets about pombe? How have I never tweeted about pombe! People might think I worked on the ‘other’ yeast. #
  • I just get a bit depressed whenever I check the interest rate on my savings account. 0.15% still. Was 5.2% when I opened it. #
  • @yuribou Unfortunately I’ll be needing access to the money in less than a year in reply to yuribou #
  • Owchies! Large pain in my leg for no fathomable reason. Would go home if I didn’t have impt. experiments. #
  • “It’s almost certainly more complicated than that.” is a quote I think I’d like to adopt for countless different situations. #
  • Going to get RSI from all this pipetting! #fb #
  • And done… Hand is about to drop off though. Def. need to rethink protocol. Made minor mistake at begining, still goos, but unconventional. #
  • @DaveGorman Cases like this help illustrate why the UK’s particularly strict libel laws are so problematic. #
  • I always thought someone could use one of these ‘pornstar names’ as a means of grabbing security data. Seems someone is doing just that. #
  • RT @DaveGorman Turning to law is a way of silencing critics instead of entering debate and actually defending claims. #
  • Hah, just checked the latest tweets to find everyone saying that #theBNParetwats an opinion I endorse wholeheartedly. #theBNParetwats #
  • @candacebee The BNP are a far-right British political party, renown for their racism, hence why #theBNParetwats #
  • – #theBNParetwats at number 1! #

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Charlie Brooker to do Gameswipe?

May 6th, 2009

Its looking likely! Earlier today, newspaper columnist, television presenter and all-round misanthropist Charlie Brooker gave hints that we mad soon be seeing a series of ‘Gameswipe.’ In a tweet on his @charltonbrooker Twitter account, Brooker asked for the following:

Worst videogame bosses ever? Email yr suggestions to gameswipe at zeppotron dot com. Make what you will of that email address.
10 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Brooker is no stranger to games journalism, as his career began back on the pages of PC Zone. He has also regularly mentioned various computer and video games in his column in the Guardian. The E-mail address also appears to be associated with Zeppotron, the production company behind both Newswipe and Screenwipe.
Brooker’s recent satirical and biting look at news coverage in the form of Newswipe was absolutely fantastic, both hugely entertaining, and damning in its criticism, proving to be one of the only television programs for which I will bother setting an alarm.
Exactly how the *wipe format will be adapted to gaming is unclear, as both Newswipe and Screenwipe focused heavily on the past week or so in television/news, an approach which is unlikely be be so suitable for the slightly slower moving world of gaming. Thus its possible that we shall be looking at a one off special episode, or a short series taking a more general look at gaming; certainly the E-mail request somewhat suggests the latter.

Edit: Wow! I should post breaking news more often, this post is only twenty minutes old, and its already brought in a load of visitors.