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Apr 29th, 2009
  • @bengoldacre How do we square Davies criticism of press and libel laws with the accusations against yourself. Both problems, opposite sides. #
  • @erykah_ While since I took it, but was both more liberal and more left than Ghandi. Scared to take it again, may have become more rightwing #
  • Political Compass: Economic Left/Right: -7.88
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.62
    Well I clearly haven’t drifted right with age! #
  • I think all products should have their manuals online, it is a great way to check what you are buying #
  • Just had a two day course on the blindingly obvious and the completely useless. #fb #
  • Geocities closing; its the end of an era. A garish <blink> tag and animated gif filled era admittedly, but MySpace just isn’t the same thing #
  • Why is my computer mouse being so damn annoying, left clicks turn into right clicks, drags drop too early and clicks are multiplied #
  • Am considering upgrading phone. Can’t afford anything too fancy, but three offer unlimited data/texts 75min contract for £15/mo #
  • @yuribou What’s happening on Monday? #
  • The woman across the road from me has the strangest laugh. I thought it was two dogs fighting at first. #
  • @yuribou Oh, good luck! #
  • In a call queue #
  • Gaah! Bloody 3 customer services. Just been told something entirely different to earlier #
  • Gah! I hate being on hold! #
  • okay, this is stupid. still on hold #
  • 53 minutes on hold. I hung up. #
  • Oh great, I see, they all went home. Well don’t keep me on hold then! #
  • Does Cameron realise that pblc sctr jobs still need to be competive? Its all very well quoting high pay, but its meaningless out of context #
  • Hmm, Panorama seems to be doing a DM inspired special on ‘Health and Safety’ #
  • @erykah_ Have you been watching Animals of Farthing Wood all day? And where did you find them all. Was a great series! in reply to erykah_ #
  • @erykah_ How have they not released official DVDs yet? They’d be snapped up in an instand by anyone under 35 in reply to erykah_ #
  • Sorting through the huge pile of paper and ECL films on my desk. Currently in a big pile on me seat. #fb #
  • Seems like my Dad is about to join twitter! Anyone else have parents following them? #
  • Amazed that someone found my blog googling ‘swine flu’. Surely I must be on page 600,000! #
  • @bengoldacre I’m frankly a little disturbed by the conspiracy theorist link you posted earlier. Felt like watching someone have a breakdown. #
  • I’m trying to figure out if my satire meter is broken, or if people are far more insane than I ever imagined. #
  • @yuribou Yay, congratulations, and good luck. #
  • Hmm, if I don’t get a paper out of my PhD, I could always publish my findings on Twitter. Not sure my boss would agree. #
  • @lorrielamb Yes, but the books are a bit dull. Its best done in front of a bookshelf of your very own. in reply to lorrielamb #
  • Been playing around with a graphics tablet lent to me (long term) by a friend. So now my computer drawings suck slightly less! #
  • @bengoldacre I think some people have trouble separating genuine media scaremongering from the actual risk.They dismiss one part; then all. #

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