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Apr 22nd, 2009
  • @RagnarTornquist Excellent, thank you. #
  • Disappointed that two anti-bodies have ceased binding, everything else looked so nice as well. #fb #
  • @blainetmartin It stands for facebook, and allows selective updating of facebook status from twitter. (Using Selective Twitter status app) #
  • Gah. Twitter tools keeps generating multiple digests, two last week, three this week. #
  • @Optimaximal Is it a ‘name lookup timeout’ I had that trouble earlier and solved it by switching browsers. (Opera worked, FF didn’t) in reply to Optimaximal #
  • @bengoldacre That’s nothing! Have you checked the temperature? I don’t think that will be water falling from the sky. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • rt @bengoldacre: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”: 900mph winds at Glastonbury, with 77 million mm of rain. #
  • Sky news seems surprised that ‘anti-terrorism’ laws are being abused for other purposes. Wasn’t that always one of the primary complaints? #
  • Could really do with getting some sleep. #
  • @GOGcom I want a Good Old Game for free #GOGgiveaway #
  • Obsidian making a Fallout game? How intriguing. #
  • @smallmatryoshka You specifically? I remember the acusation, but can’t recall if it was directed at G20 protestors in general, or a specific in reply to smallmatryoshka #
  • @ALondoner Hey, Welcome to Twitter. Enjoy your stay! #
  • Ahhh! Just discovered why the number of visitors to my blog has tailed off dramatically. Slipped in Google ranking for key search. #
  • Hmm, @stephenfry voicing a sequel to an unnamed computer game. My money is on Little Big Planet 2. (Little bigger planet?) #
  • Need to find a good paper I’ve read recently, and a bad one. What if they are all just ‘okay’ #
  • @ashens I bet it’s a letterbox for letterboxing. #
  • Just realised that my 2 day course thing starts today, rather than tomorrow. Why have a two day course start on Wednesday? #

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