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Apr 8th, 2009
  • Bah, silly antibodies, binding tot the wrong things. If you were in a person your host would be dead by now. #
  • Bah! Booking train tickets is the biggest lottery ever. Managed to get save £50 by splitting my ticket half-way. #
  • @charltonbrooker Very good. Have you heard the term ‘Reverse Ferret’ by any chance? #
  • Wow, more friends getting engaged. I guess I have reached ‘that age.’ #
  • Testing out the new twitter #search #
  • @LadyMsScamp You can get paid for it? Now I feel sheepish, as I’ve been doing it for free. #
  • @bengoldacre Really? So I take it that this is more advertising do than serious conference? Sleazy at that, doesn’t exactly give confidence. #
  • Friday, and sunny. Lets just hope my westerns work. #
  • No, he attacked her because he was a violent jerk; sandwich wasn’t the cause. Why does the media always seem to do this? #
  • Meanwhile I have convinced myself to head into the lab tomorrow. Damn work ethic! #
  • Oh, and that last tweet was my 500th. I’ve been watching the counter and forgot last minute. Bah! #
  • Seems that the residents of Broughton were so bothered about their privacy that they got the BBC cameras in for interviews and pictures. #
  • Gah! I suck at #Spelunky I can’t even get to level 5! #
  • Gah. Its the weekend and I’m in the lab. Not helped by feelings of ennui, only tempered by the fact it means I can use ennui. Great word! #
  • Trying Omegle, its odd. Like a throwback to chatting on the web circa ’98. Have basically just done a verbose a/s/l, feel dirty. #
  • Gah, what to blog about. #
  • @wplifestream Have upgraded to 0.95 and like the new streams, however [lifestream] is returning “There are no events to show at this time.” #
  • @wplifestream I’ve checked at there are events recorded, by default limit is 50, and it is picking up new events. #
  • @wplifestream Excellent, problem solved. Thank you. in reply to wplifestream #
  • @wplifestream I think Bookmarked on Delicious for consistency. New style is better at separating content from metadata. in reply to wplifestream #
  • I just had spotify crash on me for the first time. #
  • @thewellis For a moment there I thought you were denouncing our @VickieWire and was breifly shocked. #
  • Oh dear god. Just checked the interest rate on my savings account. 0.15% Gros Pa. Terrible! Will be spending it soonish though. #
  • Hmm, considering Co-Operative bank as I like their ethical investment policy. Google; Christian Voice against them. Point in favour I think! #
  • Watching ‘Come Dine with Me’ Trash television at its finest! #
  • Does anyone else think renaming Norwich Union, Aviva, just makes it sound incredible corporate and impersonal? #
  • Aww, I’m disappointed that I’ve never been added by any right wing politicians, I want to subtlety warp their thinking in 140 characters. #
  • @slummymummy1 I was always more partial to the word Tosser. #
  • RT @guardiannews Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died: #
  • @Palestinebat I say give yourself an honoury doctorate #
  • This indicates why this is a bad idea. #

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