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Apr 4th, 2009

The end of my PhD is rapidly approaching, and suddenly it no longer seems some distant event. By the time Christmas comes around I very much hope to be out of the lab, and to have a good chunk of my thesis written up. However all of this means getting the lab work finished, or at least in a state in which it is possible to write up.

As things stand at the moment that goal has yet to be achieved, and there as still a few key experiments that need to be completed. The past week I gave the first run through of one such experiment, and am currently in the ‘debugging’ phase, in which I try to work out exactly where everything has been going wrong. Its one of those tasks which is okay in the short term, and can even be quite satisfying, but which gets demoralising if it runs on too long.

Fridays result was initially a bit confusing, until I realised that what it was actually telling me is that an earlier result was the misleading one. Fortunately everything is still in order, and it hopefully means that I’ll be able to address some of my problems on Monday. The rest of the problems however still need further scrutiny.

All this meant that I was in the lab this morning preparing materials for use on Monday. I have already decided that I’ll try and make the most of weekends between now and September, although that doesn’t quite mean pulling a 10/7. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been no stranger to the lab at weekends, but previously I have tended to use them to facilitate the weeks work, rather than as working days in and of themselves.

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  1. Good luck with it. It’s interesting to read about how a real scientist experiments.

    I’m on my own home straight as a trainee teacher… I hope I make it to the end. Science is my favourite subject to teach and who knows, hopefully I’ve inspired some of them to end up like you at some point.

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