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Apr 1st, 2009
  • Internet acces somewhat sarcer than I had expected. #
  • Back in the UK now. Twitter use will recommence #
  • I’ve just realised how depressingly few photos I have of certain people. #
  • Whoops. Completely missed the #boatrace. It seems we lost though. (And that I disproportionately follow Cambridge supporters) #
  • GAH! What it the point of making me use a special ‘downloader’ when the damn thing won’t let me ‘resume’ 5GB of download wasted! ARGGGH! #
  • Oh I see, I’m meant to use the little close button, rather than the big ‘stop’ button next to pause. Well it would be nice IF IT TOLD ME! #
  • Lets see whether it is bright enough to detect the results of file recovery #
  • Excellent. It took a bit of a fiddle, but I’ve managed to rescue it. Now to send an E-mail. #
  • @alibally13 – They definitely got it out: I also vote for removable #
  • @Dave_Gorman Not fake, but the bollards are probably removable. Google Street View: in reply to Dave_Gorman #
  • @oliverchalliner Thanks. I saw the photo on a forum a couple of years back, and the location was narrowed down to Quay St. Manchester then. #
  • @LadyMcScamp Disapointed to hear that the SexEdShow was a bit extremist/reactionary. I saw the premise in G2 and thought it had potential #
  • RT @AmnestyUK Potentially devastating law that legalises rape within marriage is proposed in Afghanistan: #

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