Ghouled! – A Fallout 3 Mod

Mar 20th, 2009





Ghouled! – CRAFT

A Fallout 3 Mod
James Glover


Download from Fallout 3 Nexus or Planet Fallout.

NOTE: This Mod is an early version and has not been fully tested. It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep a backup of any games with which you intend to use this mod.

IMPORTANT: This Mod uses the CRAFT system, and requires the CRAFT Mod by Highsight. The CRAFT Mod may be found here.


The twin horrors of nuclear and biological weapons wrought destruction on the world, destroying much life, and changing that which remained. The wasteland still bears the scars of these weapons, in the radioactive water supplies, and in the dangerous mutated lifeforms that are its wildlife. While some would still look to try and exploit humanities past failings, others are affected by them in more unintended ways.

This mod adds the ability for the player character to be transformed into a ghoul or ghoul-like mutant (think Harold). Ghoulification occurs on exposure to high levels of radiation and a successful transformation depends on a probability modified by your luck score. Alternatively, maintaining an irradiated state (>200 rads) for 14 consecutive days will have a similar effect.

Exposure to a weakened FEV virus, found in the Chop Shop, or vault 87 will initiate a similar transformation. While the player will have the appearance of a ghoul (much like Harold’s state), their physiology will be that of a mutant.

The player may also find a schematic which allows them to create an FEV gun. The FEV gun is similar to the dart gun, but will cause the target to undergo the same transformation that you induce in yourself.

Details (Contains minor spoilers)

Exposure to high levels of radiation, or continual exposure to more moderate levels will transform the player’s race into ghoul and give them the radiation resistance and healing abilities of a native ghoul. (Surprisingly they are not 100% resistant, areas of exceptionally high radiation will still kill the player. I have used the abilities Bethesda gave its native ghouls.)

Use of the FEV canisters will give the player the appearence of a ghoul and give them the radiation immunity of the super mutants. Due to in game restrictions your Pip Boy will report a radiation resistance of 85%. Changing this would have resulted in also increasing the maximum damage resistance. However I have fudged the scripts to ensure you can endure even the highest levels of radiation found within the game.

Becoming a ghoul, or otherwise being made to look like one, will also add you to the ghoul faction, and as a result will have a similar effect to the Ghoul mask. I have replicated the Ghoul mask’s clearing of your feral ghoul crime rating, and other characteristics. This will ensure that as with the mask, your companions aren’t attacked etc. The code of the mask required a minor modification to prevent ghoulified players who wear the mask from becoming enemies of the feral ghouls on its removal.

The player will lose two charisma points on ghoulification.

The mod adds an FEV Canister mesh, as the included one doesn’t appear to contain collision data.

The FEV Gun can be built from the schematic found within the Chop Shop of Underworld. Similar to the dart gun, it requires a toy car, surgical tubing and a paint gun; the FEV canister fills the roll of the Radscorpian poison gland. Due to the way the workbenches function, the schematic is not compatible with other schematic mods. For this reason the noschematic version does not modify the workbench, and instead adds a complete gun to the Chop Shop. The gun uses darts as ammo and can be repaired by the dart gun.


1. Unzip all files to your Fallout 3 data directory
2. Ensure you have also downloaded and installed the CRAFT expansion. This will allow the use of multiple custom schematics. The CRAFT mod may be found here:


V0.1 – First release version
v0.2 – Added FEV Gun and appropriate schematics.
Corrected a potential issue caused by the unnecessary modding of a couple of items in the chop shop.
v0.3 – Adapted Mod to make use of CRAFT (Highsight)
Added the ability to become ghoulified on radiation exposure
Corrected lore discrepancy, FEV exposure no longer results in Ghoul physiology,
in game messages have been altered to reflect this.
Corrected spelling error in message text (Thanks DragonSparke)
Improved scripts to avoid ‘FEV worn off’ messages and to avoid rare crash events on ghoulification.
v0.3a – Corrected misspelling in credits.

Problems and TODO

1. TODO- Improve the FEV collision mesh to allow it to roll more realistically
3. TODO- Modify the chamber/terminal code so that the transformation is triggered by entering the chamber after activation, rather than dispensing a canister. This will also change any human NPCs with the player.
4. TODO- Remove all script references to human/smoothskin after the player has been ghouled.
5. TODO- Consider how player ghoulification by affect their standing with Tenpenny tower/The Brotherhood/Supermutants
6. TODO- Add the mod in the context of a minor quest

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