You Know You Are Addicted to Twitter when…

Mar 14th, 2009

Bah, something is very tragic about blogging about twitter on a Friday night.

  • You find yourself referring to friends as @twittername
  • You find yourself constrained to speaking in sentences of a maximum of 140 characters.
  • Before recounting an interesting fact you read in the newspaper you find yourself saying RT @guardiannews
  • When in an accident, you reach for a phone, not to call the police, but to tweet the incident.
  • You won’t pick up on a company’s press release unless they’ve also tweeted it.
  • You had to stop synching your facebook status to your twitter account as you were overwhelming everyone’s news feeds.
  • Your twitter account has begun to replace your RSS reader.
  • When your parents point out that they never heard about your marriage, children and pending promotion you patiently point out that it is all available in your twitter feed.
  • You don’t find anything odd about knowing exactly what @stephenfry are for breakfast.
  • You follow more people on twitter than you meet in the average day.
  • You follow more people on twitter than you meet in the average year.

Please add your own ideas in the comments, or alternatively tweet them with the #A2T hashtag.

My stats

I first started using twitter back in August 2007 but for ages the twitter bug didn’t bite, and I rarely even tweeted. My Twitterholic stats show that after an initial burst of activity my account lay dormant until almost a year later when I began slow regular tweets, and added a few friends. Then, at the beginning of this year I gained more friends and followers and began tweeting much more regularly.


Perhaps unsurprisingly this increase in tweeting also seems to correspond with my new-years blogging resolution.


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