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Mar 12th, 2009

This pre-poster post will probably be followed by a post poster post, post poster. I’ll keep you posted.

Well its not a post exactly, but I will shortly be presenting a poster at the Rubicon Conference in Lisbon. While this is my third European conference, it is the first at which I’ve had a chance to present. At previous conferences I have been somewhat hampered by a lack of data, but fortunately lots has come together in the last six to eight months.

Unfortunately academic posters are somewhat removed from the coloured pens and large lettering of the posters of primary and secondary school. However I’m still actually looking forward to having the chance to discuss my work with people who I don’t already see on a day to day basis. As a result I’ve been bringing together the relevant material and deciding what to present, and what to leave. My limited data means that this isn’t too troublesome, however it still isn’t possible to throw everything I have on there. Instead I need to decide exactly what story I want to tell, and what data is needed to tell it.

Unfortunately as it stands my story is still more interesting than the data I actually have available. As it stand, and data are all still suggestive, and although my hypothesis are logical, and based firmly in evidence, they haven’t yet borne fruit. Which is a shame, as there’s a good chance I have a very exciting orange tree, albeit one which could still easily yield lemons. (See what I did there! And you thought I was going to torture that analogy.)

There is also the issue of timing, which is going to make me sound like a right liar to anyone keeping count. Much of my poster is cribbed directly from a presentation I gave a month ago, and since then I have been making all the strains and materials necessary for the next steps. In the last few weeks I haven’t actually got any new data, but I have been reasonably productive. This however does mean that there are several important experiments that I have queued up to run in the immediate future. Thus the number of results I can legitimately claim to have ready in the ‘next few weeks’ is frankly a touch silly1. There is also the serious possibility that I will get at least one of those results between printing the poster and attending the conference.

Sorry, that was a particularly rambling self interested entry. More of the pretentious pseudo intellectual claptrap, ill informed opinions, or embarrassing streams to derivative dreck classified as creative to follow soon. Not to mention plenty of self deprecating attention whoring.

  1. Having said that, results in science always seem perpetually three weeks away. Just like all those inventions which are always five or ten years in the future. []

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