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Mar 11th, 2009
  • @robmanuel 2007 had a few, but ’08/’09 is more limited. Sackboy? Sony certainly is trying to make it. Mirror’s Edge’s Faith? #
  • Trying #spotify interface seems smooth, I’m just somewhat shocked by being able to listen to anything I want. Now need to fiddle. #
  • @slummymummy Its a media player, but instead of playing your own music you stream it from their servers, giving access to thousands of songs #
  • @slummymummy Its all legal, supported by advertisements or a monthly subscription. Seems okay, but I wish it could play local media as well #
  • Hmm, spotify seems fairly nice. A few interface annoyances, and some slightly odd categorisations (Atomic Kitten, Rock?) #
  • Doing simple but lengthy work at the moment, so mind drifting. Was wondering how human society would have evolved if we were hermaphrodites #
  • @VickieWire Good going. #
  • Oooh, just noticed the new search box. That makes things all sorts of simpler! #
  • @inkiepixie I wondered that at first, and then slowly my dependency grew. #
  • Each year, 1 in 10 women in Britain experience rape or other violence #
  • Bah! Bioedit just crashed on me, and I lost my alignments. Poor sequence, lots of it read manually. Time wasted, only some on clipboard. #
  • Oww, I have chilli burning my nose #
  • Re-skinned my twitter page. The background is a touch larger than I’d have liked, but my experiments with low colour versions looked poor. #
  • @slummymummy1 Don’t leave us hanging, what was in the package? #
  • @rockpapershot All fixed this end, had some issues with Opera, but they seem to have cleared up. #
  • @bonzrat Look kindly on the fools, for they may be Vortigaunts #
  • @qikipedia I call shenanigans on that last one. Only sources I can find are quack conspiracy sites and a spoof: #
  • Lead in bed, on laptop. Listening to occasional bursts of rain on the windows. How very Sunday. #
  • Rain now stopped up here, and now nice and sunny. Cold. But sunny. Have window open to air room even! #
  • @BuckSexington Wait? It’s Be throttling Steam speeds? I thought they were one of the good guys. #
  • @BuckSexington Ahh, okay then. #
  • @Dave_Gorman Descartes? in reply to Dave_Gorman #
  • Bugger. I was just thinking of heading out for a walk, maybe with my camera, and the rain starts again. in reply to BuckSexington #
  • I’m somewhat miffed by some of the major restrictions in Bethesda’s scripting engine. #
  • @Dave_Gorman For G I nominate Galileo Galilei. Not only is he a genius, but qualifies for the G category twice! #
  • @rockpapershot I’m torn, I like the idea, but know it will result me spending money I don’t have. #
  • Gah! Was checking if a blog comment was spam. It was. It linked me to porn. At work. Note to self. Do not check comments while at work. #
  • @cliffski Bah, I’m heading to Portugal soon, so shall catch the flipside of this effect. #
  • Either Facebook is down, or work has blocked it. #
  • @Dave_Gorman Mendel for M please, father of Genetics, and all done with peas in a glorified potting shed. Then ignored for years. #
  • @andyvglnt It appears that the Torygraph allows users to put in anything as the .html bit. It seems unlikely that this was the author’s … #
  • @BillyWilliwaw Disgusting, on the part of the Express. I saw @antonvowl ‘s comments on it earlier. #
  • Gah! I’m utterly despairing at the findings of the home office report ‘Violence Against Women.’ #
  • Just had day of talks, now off to the pub, and then to Thai. #

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