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Mar 4th, 2009
  • Yay! My pombe tetrads pulled very nicely today. Which may not mean anything to any of my followers but makes me happy. #
  • @AmnestyUK I can see where some of the feelings come from. If it weren’t from Amnesty, I’d have been confused about its intent. #
  • Looking forward to Braid on the PC. Will be availible on Steam £9.99 #
  • @andyvglnt Ahh, don’t have an Xbox myself, or I’d have probably got it already. Find I don’t tend to replay single player games much anyway. #
  • Written to MS complaining about the Xbox live user banned for stating she was a Lesbian. Forgot to save my letter though. #
  • Err, rather I was complaining about her being banned, not complaining about her. Just to be clear. #
  • @smallmatryoshka they are hashtags, and make it easy to follow events etc. #
  • And now to bed. Its late, and I should have been in there a while ago. #
  • Ryan Air’s move to charge for the loo isn’t cost cutting/profiteering. It is advertising. The company wants to be seen as cheap and sleazy. #
  • #backgames Planescape Torment: The Nameless one becomes immortal and then walks around forgetting stuff. Oh wait?! #
  • @jonathancoulton It gives them a sense of superiority. They don’t get it; easier to pretend it’s stupid, than worry they miss something. #
  • Am I unusual in finding something desperately sad in the idea of a grey death of the universe? Entropy finishes its sums, and all is noise. #
  • Just completed Aquaria. Excellent, beautiful game. #
  • @BitBlot Thank you. Aquaria was absolutely magical, beautiful and yet strangely melancholy. An amazing game. #
  • Yay! I’m so glad there is going to be a second series! #
  • Bloody awesome final episode of Being Human! Roll on series 2! #
  • @BenGoldacre What wonderful nonsense here Clearly readers of Bad Science aren’t liberals. Does the Guardian know? #
  • @antonvowl I find checking is the masthead says Daily Mail/Express is a good first step. #
  • @bremxjones I bet its Games for Windows live attempting to mimic the 360’s RRoD. #
  • Why am I Tweeting when I should be working. I only logged on to print something out! #
  • Trying to bee all contentious, and just getting the fail whale as a result ☹. Will explain the lack of avatar shortly. ☺ #
  • Uh, I mean be. How on earth did that second e slip in? #
  • Hmm, seems that some twitter users spam on mention of certain phrases. Try tweetin RRoD for spam from @JamesonJans #
  • @BillyWilliwaw How exactly would that work? #

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