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Feb 25th, 2009
  • @PC_Gamer Excellent! You always manage to time your podcasts with when I have a long train journey coming up. #
  • About to head home, and tomorrow will head home-home. #
  • Ahhh. Westbro Baptists Church coming to protest in Basingstoke. They really are an obnoxious bunch of farts aren’t they? #
  • @andyvglnt This Friday apparently: #
  • Okay, where have all my socks gone? I seem to have a load of pairless socks, even though they are all fairly new! #
  • Synching my MP3 player, which seems to have decided that ALL the files have changed. Grr! #
  • Bah! No Wifi on the train. I also left music player and headphones at home. #
  • Got home with little trouble. Tried to hop on to the WiFi in Birmingham, but couldn’t get a web connection. Was Ad-hoc though, odd. #
  • Just been to visit Nana. On the way back now, take away this evening #
  • Hmm, a friends wedding the week immediately after I ‘upgrade’ my undergrad degree. Do I have time to spare for both, or just the wedding? #
  • I wonder how many twitters you need to follow for tweets to come in as fast as you can read them. You could spend the entire day on twitter. #
  • @GOGcom I want a Good Old Game for free #GOGgiveaway #
  • @slummymummy The Tiger Who Came to Tea was my favourite book as a child. Got a pop-up anniversary edition from brother for last Christmas. #
  • Taste tested the new Walker’s flavours, Ready Salted won out, the rest were pretty grim, although Squirrel was passable. #
  • @thewllis I saw @charltonbrooker ‘s comments on the crisps, although can’t agree on the Onion Bajji, was grim. Not as bad as the breakfast. #
  • Oh, and I brought a mortar and pestle today, for those of you left hanging on Tuesday’s tweet! #
  • Read my first graphic novel, @neilhimself ‘s Sandman (Part 1). Not entirely convinced by the format, need to learn to ‘read’ the art. #
  • @andyvglnt I started with Sandman because I’m a @neilhimself fan. I felt it offered a good bridging point. I’ll look out for blankets though #
  • How silly. Board train to Edinburgh them change for another train to edinburgh. #
  • Bah! Standing. Glad I am not taking this one to Edinburgh. #
  • Help! Gmail is down. I hope the outage doesn’t last long! #
  • RT @bobbylocksville: – hahahah A rather quick response to gmail being down! V clever! #
  • @botherer Bah! I still can’t get mine. Lucky person. #
  • Our reliance on the internet is only going to increase with cloud computing. The loss of any major node could cause major problems. #
  • @Mikeystrong I could have been your first follower, but damn Downing Street had to get there first. #
  • @Jennymac22 Clearly 😉 #

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