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Feb 18th, 2009
  • Sent a fax today. Who still uses fax? Especially as I was faxing a form printed from their website. #
  • @JonStrickland For that joke, I am sorely tempted to stop following you. #
  • @VickieWire That’s great! Feminist makes a huge appearence in mine as well but so does 22? #
  • @rockpapershot Features are good, but I also like the spontaneity. I quite like the feature series you do; unknown pleasures, space week. #
  • Bah! I just knocked a couple of sausages off the oven shelf on to the bottom of the oven. I then had to carefully fish them out. #
  • @stephenfry Your power to drive people to websites rivals that of slashdot and digg. Instead of slashdotted, sites are fryed (or fried). #
  • @leighalexander At least that one makes vague sense. #
  • Looks like very soon I might be dealing with lots of different chemicals that can kill or harm me in a number of different ways. What fun. #
  • @slummymummy1 Regularly, well, maybe not Anna Karenina, and I prefer Double Deckers to Curly Wurly’s but the feeling is the same. #
  • QI! Accompanied with salmon parcels and sauteed sprouts. #
  • Sad to hear of the end of the Home of the Underdogs. I hope @Fringer will find it a new host, or that someone else will resurrect it. #
  • Pleasantly shocked by the GSK news Lets hope it isn’t all empty promises made for publicity reasons. #
  • @VickieWire Wow, at least you know what diet to use should you ever find yourself needing to shift weight in the opposite direction. Cou … #
  • Trying to find figures about variation in computer game genre preference from country to country. #
  • @ladylikepunk @VickieWire Whoops, I misread that as glamour model and was mightily confused. #
  • Bah! Why is it that my S.pombe cells have decided to grow so slowly! #
  • Once again I have referred to Tudge, ( probably my most regularly referenced text after finishing university. #
  • Hope the curry I’ve got turns out okay. Realised too late that our flat doesn’t have a mortar and pestle. Something I shall correct soon. #

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