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Feb 11th, 2009
  • Shocked that the Radio 1 presenter didn’t seem to know how long it took for the Earth to go round the sun. #
  • @stephenfry #frylift seems to have attracted 36 new articles on Google News. #
  • @stephenfry Oh, well it appears that Google’s news algorithm was off and it has grouped any mention of you and twitter. #
  • I wanted to find The GIMP at work, but couldn’t recall the address. I Googled carefully, ‘open source image editing.’ #
  • Bah! You’d think after three and a half years in Scotland I’d have seen some decent snow, but NOOOO, its still all down south! #
  • I can’t help but think that EVE online is the greatest game I’ll never play. The stories of politics and backstabbing are fantastic. #
  • @ValveSoftware I don’t know if you read @ replies, but can you give any indications about if PC users will have to pay for the DLC? #
  • @GuyNesher Sorry, hadn’t noticed your @JamesG. Yep, you were correct, and I managed to solve the problem. Thanks. #
  • Oh dear, I think I’m coming down with a cold, and seem to have a headache. #
  • Yup, I’m ill. Now to huddle up with soup and crusty bread feeling sorry for myself. #
  • I sincerely hope that the ‘referrer’ from an anal rape porn site is entirely fake, and that they don’t actually list me as an affiliate. #
  • @VickieWire Party rings are great anytime, although I don’t think I’ve ever eaten them for breakfast before. #
  • @VickieWire Ooooh! BACK page. I read front page, and was wondering if you were excited by velociraptors. Didn’t check the back page though. #
  • Oh dear, and now I’m reminded why I stopped reading the Independent in favour of the Guardian. #
  • Although granted, I think that is the Indie’s equivalent of Cif. #
  • @ladylikepunk Ooh, now we’ve got a tag #dmhffh but doesn’t that miss out the all important n #
  • @ladylikepunk Oh, of course, its one word #
  • @ladylikepunk My Mum has said she feels like she’d be intruding if she joined fbook. She wasn’t impressed when I mentioned limited profiles. #
  • Still really enjoying Being Human. This is how you do intelligent, mature, supernatural drama. Torchwood has a hell of a lot to learn. #
  • @ashtreza Hello, and welcome to twitter. May you have many happy tweets. #
  • Gah! What is up with Opera! For the past few weeks its been crashing with alarming regularity! #
  • Only just noticed the snow when I headed off to bed. #
  • @rockpapershot Install the wordpress twittertools plugin and you can make little tweets whenever you write a new post. #
  • @bengoldacre You just got a heads up on the @rockpapershot podcast, a PC gaming blog in case you are unfamiliar. #
  • @slummymummy1 Owch! I wince for you (regarding the foot burning, not Natwest, with whom I have no experience.) #
  • Well I completely uninstalled Opera, cleared all profile folders, killed all background tasks, disabled plugins, and it still crashes! #
  • Next stept is upgrading video drivers, as the crashing began a few days after the last update. #
  • @LadyMcScamp Re: Good article. Someone you know? #
  • @feliciaday Bah! Completely failed to realise series two of the guild had begun, and was still patiently watching my Youtube feed. #
  • @rockpapershot Toasted Cheese Sandwiches. And you have already committed the first act of twitter addiction, tweeting about food. #

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