Browser Issues

Feb 9th, 2009

My browser of choice is Opera, but recently it has been crashing with alarming regularity. It tends to be on page loads, and some pages do it more frequently than others, such as facebook, The Wall Street Journal, and, erm,

The latter really tipped me off that something was up. At first it wasn’t too much of an issue, but the regularity seemed to increase, and soon it became unusable. I needed to find a solution. Firstly I cleared my cookies and temporary files, no change; clearing the history had no effect. I began removing my customizations, four years of tweaks and adjustments which had resulted in the build up of residue as I consistently used the upgrade feature. Still crashes. I disabled plugins, but the crashes remained. I killed background tasks, and no change was seen.

I nuked Opera. I backed up my mail, and uninstalled; wiped everything; to no avail. It still crashes.

I am now approaching the end of things to try. I know its fine on my netbook, although that is running Opera 10 alpha. And a look back at the crash log reveals that this all began on the 10th December, shortly after a graphics driver update. I’m now updating them in the hope that this will solve my problem. If it doesn’t I’ll try Opera 10 alpha on this computer. If that doesn’t work, I shall have to, for the first time in four years, seriously consider another browser.

Edit: Well graphics driver update didn’t work, so I’m now on to version 10 alpha. I find it slightly ironic that I have switched to an alpha for stability reasons. Seems to be okay so far though.

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