One of the flaws…

Jan 11th, 2009

One of the flaws of deciding to blog every week without fail is that you end up having to write something when you have nothing to say. Its first week back at work, so nothing exciting has happened, as I’ve mainly been getting everything up and running again. I’ve avoided the flu so far, but I can’t very well compose a blog post consisting entirely of things that haven’t happened.
Although perhaps in future I should revert to a bit of creative writing when things are dull, and I don’t fancy commenting on the news. While the rest of blogosphere is abuzz with discussion about Windows 7, or Gaza, I haven’t tried the former, and my thought on the latter would be embarrassing in their naivety. (As would probably be my views on the former)
The silly thing is, I’m sure midweek I had an idea, something which I could write about. But sadly it is gone, and is probably no longer relevant anyway.
Perhaps once I’ve had a bit more time with some of the Games I got over Christmas I’ll be able to give my thoughts on them, or similarly comment on the book I’m reading at the moment. (Which is either a slow burner, or a damp squib, althogh frankly the latter is now looking more likely.)

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