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A new kind of spam

Jul 17th, 2008

Has anyone else noticed that spammers seem to have adopted a new tactic recently? Rather than obsfusticating the subject line to get it past filters, using random characters, or pulling text from books, it seems that spammers are instead resorting to fake headlines. I have recently recieved spam warning of “Rat poison in water bottles,” informing me that the “Olympics cancelled, moved to Atlanta” or that “Elton John shot dead in London.” What I find most amusing about these attempts is that they are clearly written by a human, which means that somewhere there is a spammer who is trying to come up with headlines that they reckon will get mass appeal.

I’m vaguely jealous of his job.

I am a corporate Wh*re

Jul 12th, 2008

Oh dear, and to be frank this post isn’t going to make things any better. I was playing arround on the website Wordle, which generates a tag cloud from any text. I ran my blog through the program, and company names seem to dominate somewhat. I’m not quite sure how MOO became so prominent, I’m sure I’ve only blogged about them once. A few sciency words get a look in, but not many. I’m also amazed at how few words there are related to computers or gaming. I’m now off to run a few more things through the generator.

Edit: Ahh, much better. I ran my blog through a second time, and I find this word list slightly less worrying. (Card is so large thanks to the ‘what have I got in my wallet post)